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Empire Today, LLC (“Empire”) regrets any inconvenience to Ms. Kattenhorn and has, accordingly, attempted in good faith to fully resolve Ms. Kattenhorn’s concerns; however, Ms. Kattenhorn has rejected several of our offers to resolve her concerns, and we continue to wait for Ms. Kattenhorn to provide certain information to cover reimbursements. Nonetheless, Empire remains willing to amicably resolve this matter with Ms. Katthenhorn.
Ridgecrest, California

Update by user Nov 10, 2011

Empire Todays states they have attempted in good faith to fully resolve my concerns. In truth, I was called several times by Ms.

Wods who continues to try and convince me to allow them back into my home to replace the faulty floor.

I have submitted estimates for the damaged walls and brick to them via my attorney, as well as estimates for a new floor by another company. We are still in the \"let\'s make a deal\" aspect, as Empire Today\'s attorney is still not willing to fulfill my requests for total restituion.

Original review posted by user Oct 10, 2011

Empire Today and Ms. Woods should not have a BBB A+ rating, as they have not been able to correctly install a laminate floor in my family room since June, 2010.

The floor was partially replaced twice and totally 3 times, and it still is not right. In addition, workers damaged my walls and chipped the brick on my hearth. The floor is still not level, and the boards gapping and buckling. It needs replacement again, and I want my money back and repairs done.

Still fighting with them. Don't hire this company, they promise things they cannot deliver.

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