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Indianapolis, Indiana
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In a word.... HORRIBLE!

In 2013 I decided to have new floors put in at my house. So I went to Empire Today to get an idea. Well their sales person impressed me and I decided to get the floors through them. Before signing anything I asked some due diligence type questions like if the warranty on the floor would transfer when I sold the place. I was told "YES", so I went forward.

When it finally came time to install some 3rd party contractor showed up. That was the initial shock since there was never any mention of that. The floor gets installed and I start checking places and find that there are a few issues. I point them out to the installers and they start saying that there is nothing they can do and it will always be a "soft spot" or that it will go away once more floor is down. They finish the upstairs and I check again.... nope still there! I question it again and they begrudgingly pull up the floor and stick some kind of styrofoam underneath then claim it is good.

Ok let's fast forward to this year. It is decided that the house is being sold and I am getting documents in line for the realtor. I call empire and to confirm details about the warranty and to get a claim in since the floor has PEELED UP (BTW this is their Dynasty Engineered Hardwood Flooring). I am told that their warranty is not "to the house" and could not be transferred. This was the huge selling point for me when I got the floor.

Upset already I move forward with warranty claim since that needs to get resolved. I start the claim process over 2 months ago. Wait 2-3 weeks for an Empire Inspector to come out. Then 2-3 weeks for the results of that which they state "Looks like a Product Issue". 1-2 weeks later I get a call out of the blue from a 3rd party inspection. He was told that an inspection was needed by Empire Today before anything else could be completed. So 2 more weeks go by before he can come out. (On a side note he was the nicest man and probably the only person I spoke to about this that I actually respected.) I am told it will be another 2-3 weeks before I hear back about the inspection results.

Get the call about the inspection results and I am told that nothing will be done in regards to the warranty since there is water damage to the floors and it is a site issue. I understand this by the doors and such. HOWEVER, in the middle of our living room!?! Especially since we take our shoes off at the doors!

After talking with the representative more I am told that they can replace the floor "Special and Reduced Price". WHY!?! So that I can have another sub-par contractor come out and replace the floors. Then pay them more money! NOT HAPPENING!

Frankly put, this company is a joke. They don't take responsibility for the promises their sales representatives make, contract out work with no oversight or quality control, and then give the run around when trying to have a peeling floor replaced.

Stay far away from them! I wouldn't even give them 0 stars if that was an option.

Reason of review: Warranty Issue and False Advertising.

I didn't like: Lack of caring, False advertising, Warranty service.

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Novato, California, United States #1259705

The worst service ever! Deceptive advertising and a joke of a company. They are rescheduling us for the 3rd time after waiting all day because they cannot even give us a time window


Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We never want our customers to be disappointed.

We understand that we’ve been in contact with you about these issues, and we will be following up with you again shortly to discuss the situation in more detail.

You can also reach us at Thank you.

to ETCustomerSupport Novato, California, United States #1259708

You can call me! i have never had a complaint and ive built 3 homes and worked with several contractors...

this is unreal and I'd prefer to speak to your CEO! You have jerked us around and bait/switch to deceptive advertising. I'm going to make sure I let all my family/Friends know throuhhh social media to NEVER do business with you and have them tag/repost. I have 10k followers.

It's been one disappointment after another and lie after lie to mislead us... we scheduled on Dec 13 for a 19 install and no one!

It's the 22 and we were promised we would be a priority, waited until 6 like they told us, because they cannot even give a time frame to find out they are on client 2!! We were 3 on the list for the day but promised we would be a priority because I was hesitant because they seemed to be very disorganized and not honest .,,