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Stephanie, I apologize that you’ve not been satisfied with your experience and for the issues you described with your product. We do offer manufacturer warranties and a one year installation warranty on all of our products. When a customer experiences an issue that may be related to the warranty, we work with each and every customer to address their concerns, and there is a process that we follow in order to ensure that we are providing the right solution. I reached out to you and left you a message so we can continue to work on a resolution together. Ultimately, we want you to be happy with the product we’ve installed in your home. If you are able to return my call, we’d like to continue working with you. I can be reached at 888-588-2315 x4195 or Thank you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Lombard, Illinois

Update by user Jun 15, 2011

Rebekah, Empire kept telling me the floor they installed was appropriate for my kitchen. I contacted the manufacturer of my flooring and guess what?

The manufacturer says the same thing I have been saying: the flooring you installed in my kitchen is NOT appropropriate for my kitchen. I have forwarded their email to the BBB and reopened my complaint.

You say you want to find the right solution, however, several times you denied my request to fix my floor under the warranty, then the only solution you would offer is to put in the same floor. That is not searching for solutions, that is ignoring the customer and finding the cheapest way out for Empire.

Original review posted by user Jun 02, 2011

Worst customer service. Empire boasted about their warranty.

When I tried to use it, it is denied. More than two months later, they finally called, said they "found a box of product" and will fix my floor. Guess the floor was warranty able after all; they were just giving me the run around. Unfortunately, one box is not enough to fix all the separation and fading.

Filed a BBB complaint. Empire said they left me messages that Empire "offers a replacement of the floor with a signed agreement for goodwill and customer service". Does this mean I have to keep my mouth shut about the horrible customer service in order to get my floor fixed under the warranty? Rebecca, I have left you several messages to figure out to what you are referring in your BBB response.

Seems you frequent this site, so check your voice mail for my telephone number and call me back.

I just want my floor fixed under the warranty Empire gave me. Thank you, Stephanie

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