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We truly apologize for what happened. It's always our goal to make the home improvement experience easy and convenient for our customers and we're disappointed to hear about the incorrect measuring of your home and that you weren't brought the right product. This is not line with the service we are dedicated to providing our customers and we'd like the opportunity to speak further with you about what happened so we may follow back with the sales representative and local market involved and work on a solution with you. Unfortunately, we're not able to locate your information. Could you please send it to us at or call us at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Irvine, California

I had used Empire Today before for flooring & thought they had done a great job. Even though they were more expensive than Home Depot when I decided to install a window covering I contacted them again.

The first appointment the salesman just didnt show up. I called after waiting for him 4 hours only to find out that he was still at least an hour away. I called the sales manager & they appologized & sent out Paul a new salesman along with an apology &$50 credit for my inconvience. I explained that I wanted a Honeycomb window treatment he measured the window showed me the honeycomb book with the picture of a blind that goes top to bottom, bottom to top & anywhere in between.

I picked the fabric right next to the picture of it & he priced it. We agreed on it right then & there & I gave him a deposit. The next day the installer called & said he needed to come measure again. He said that the Paul had measured wrong & the it was going to be more expensive.

Paul called & said he was sorry but the price was an additional 250. We ordered the treatment & it arrived 2 weeks later & was installed. When I asked him to show me how to raise the shade from the bottom up he said thats not What Paul ordered but merely a roller shade. I called Paul & told him what had happened & he said he didnt think I would want to spend the additional money so he just ordered this & didnt tell me that it wasnt what was in the picture.

Paul checked with his manager & said that they could fix it but now it would be an additional $350. I told him no way. This is the biggest scam of up charging I have ever seen or heard about. I have asked them to come & take out their shade & they still havent come to make arrangements.

Paul called back & said he didnt need to be involved anymore.

BUYER BEWARE either they make their money on upselling or Paul is the most inept salesman selling window treatments!!

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