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Nicole, we would like to know more about your concerns. Please contact Sandra Horsman at 888-588-2315 x3026 in our Human Resources department. Thank you.
San Antonio, Texas

I have worked doing inside sales for the Empire Team and am paid a very small hourly wage and am pressured daily to set appointments and offer re quotes to prospective clients. I work very hard to close sales and what is frustrating and down right wrong is the way that Empire Today finds ways to cheat their employees out of their due commission.

It started of by them leaving off items because they were "not installed." I would receive a list of paid items only after it was too late to dispute them for the next pay period a week away and the items that were actually included for payment were not paid correctly. If the sale was for $2,000 and the commission percentage was 3% then it would show that $40 was due to me instead of $60 and these "mathematical miscalculations" just so happened to occur on every commission statement. Is Empire Today's accounting department really that incompetent that they can not do a simple multiplication problem correctly? Or why not create a spreadsheet on Excel that would perform the calculations to ensure their accuracy?

Then to make matters worse, they only pay you for the items once the sales order is completed and installed, which is fine, but they do not give the sales associate the privileges to view the install date on their computer system, so the only way to confirm if a sales order was completed is to compile a list of "challenges" during your very small breaks in between calls and ask your manager to go thru the lists to find out when they were installed. Each sales associate has a significant number of challenges every pay period and this activity has been going on for years.

It is quite clear that they do not want to pay their employees what is due and do everything in their power to put obstacles in the way of their employees finding out what sales were not paid. It is sad and frustrating because you are doing your part daily to make them money, but yet they do not want to pay what is owed and make it extremely difficult for the employee to get the commission owed and even once the challenge is approved it is two and a half weeks later to a month and by then you are waiting on new challenges and what is so ironic is that all of my coworkers are in the same situation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Flooring.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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