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Andrea, please accept our apologies for your experience and for the lack of follow you received about your installation. The situation you’ve relayed in your review is not in line with how we expect our customers to be treated. It’s always our goal to make the home improvement process and easy and convenient one for our customers and we’re disappointed that this may not have been the case. It’s our understanding that we did speak with you last Friday and unfortunately you’ve decided to cancel your order. We’re sorry to hear this but hope you’d reconsider using our services in the future, we’d like the opportunity to better show you our commitment to providing each and every customer with world-class service. If you have any questions or concerns or are willing to give us another chance, please always feel free to email us at Thank you, Rebekah C.
North Bergen, New Jersey

Save yourself the aggravation and move on! We contacted Empire and the salesman "David B." gave us a quote on a 64 sq ft. bathroom tile floor. He took some measurements and handed us a quote for $1884.00. When we asked him to break down the price he said he couldn't do that. He suggested changing the pattern from diamond to square, and then he reduced the price by half!!! How do you remove 2 boxes of product and get 50% off??

The house is 10 years old and the subfloor and cement board are very solid. The sub-contrator installers showed up the next day, and started chipping at the tile. He assessed the job and told us he was only getting $300 for this job and was not worth it!!!

After partly destroying our floor he cancelled on the spot, saying it couldn't be done without damage to the toilet and subfloor. We disagreed, had a contract to do the floor, and called customer service. With no help the installer left.

We called our salesman David for some advice and help us navigate through customer service, he said quote " I am just the salesman" and said he would call us right back. This is 2 days later and he never even attempted to call.

After losing a full day at work for the installation and countless calls to automated customer service lines, a regional manager agreed to come out and look at the job "first thing tomorrow morning" to see if it could be done. We had to call to find "Orlando" at his office and finally just cancelled the job.

This company has no ethics and will leave you feeling very frustrated. I am happy we cancelled the job and saved ourselves any further problems.

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