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Thank you for your post and your experience as an Empire Sales Representative. Empire’s focus on offering outstanding level of service is a daily focus not only for our employees but also for our independent Sales Representatives and Installers. Since we don’t have retail stores, our shop-at-home service is a very important – this is the only way customers get to see our products and learn about the benefits of using Empire. Not only do we offer the same brands you find in retail stores, all our products come with manufacturer warranties plus we back our service with a service installation warranty. In addition, we offer a low price guarantee, if certain criteria are met; Empire will beat any competitive offer. Feedback is extremely important for us, after reading your post; I’ve sent a copy to our National Sales Management Team for review. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the information that you’ve mentioned with our Director of National Sales, please feel free to send me an email Marlo M. Michalek, Vice President of Marketing Communications.
Wallingford, Connecticut

I worked as a sales rep for about 9 months and here is the truth about them. first realize ALL companies get matter how good they are.

In 9 months I sold approx 320 flooring jobs and I had to my knowledge 4 un happy customers...that is about 1.5 percent...not too bad by any standards now is it. Do you think that when a grown man gets in his car and drives 45 mins on a friday night and then lugs samples into your house spends 90 mins measuring and answering questions that he wants to get back in his car and drive away with no sale? They work on 100% gas allowance..nothing unless they sell and the average commission is a 1500.00 carpet yields the rep $60...yep thats it. Do you also think that an in home shopping experience should be cheaper than going down to a big box store and waiting to get someone to help you and then having to set up an appointment to have someone come out to measure?

Once the measure is done you will get a price in 48 hours then another week or two for an install...yes Empire might be slightly higher than the big box...but not much. Empire will also handle the financing with you in your home...all in about 60-90 mins...yea it might be 75.00 more than the big box...ya think???

Here is the down side to Empire....once the rep sells the job and gets his whopping commission we get call backs because the customer wants to rethink the color and we need to go back...or they found a lowe price and we need to match it or lose the sale..over $50..or if something does go wrong..and by wrong I mean even the slightest thing such as the installers being late or whatever... corporate issues you a discount so you dont cancel and the discount means the reps big commission turns into NO commission...yea so when you call to complain we dont get paid in many cases..not all. Out of my 320 or so jobs I have to say empire went out of their way in some cases to make people happy and provided them with superior customer service...I hated the pay structure and for the reps its a horrible job but for the customers they are great.

When I was hired I was led to believe I would be making twice what I made...and I was a top performer. facts based on 320 jobs...of course as soon as you read a bad review here its easy to assume that most of our jobs go bad but in truth its only a very very small percent...they sell thousands of jobs per week across the country expect to hear about the bad ones.

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Hjt718 response to your post: I wish they would post ur words on the front of this website, your right even when empire today knows there wrong and overpriced you they still wont admit to it.. Would you employee a company like this?

Oh and another thing I have a few post on this site in regards to empire today, and its funny that they respond to every one of my post but wont respond back to a customer.. plz stop throwing your money away on this company!


The have the ability to match any other reputable flooring company on price. BUT if the gave every customer the absolute lowest price they would be out of business quickly and the reps would make no money.

They only do it when the have to.

That's not to say that Empire does not give pricing, they do just not the super super low that you are talking about. bASICALLY TAKE 40% off the first price they give you and that would be what you should pay and they can sell it for that...just play hard ball ans say "this is what I will pay or I will buy it from xyz company" Keep in mind 40% off the 1st price..not the lower price they drop to or call back with.


Speaking of price . . . I had Empire come out and quote hardwoods just this week. As a "consumer" I'm looking for quality & price and as a "homeowner" I'm looking for piece of mind.

I have 985 square feet of carpet & tile that I'm replacing with engineered hardwood. With the 10% waste factor he figured 1,034 square feet of material. So, here's the deal:

The Empire Today engineered hand scraped hickory veneer hardwood is their "Vintage" product and the comparable product we have been looking at is Ark 7-ply Hickory hand scraped Mocha / spice engineered hardwood from Floor & Decor.

The price we got this week from Empire Today to: move furniture (medium amount / sofa, 65" LCD, small tables, Queen bed, dresser, etc.), demo carpet 80% & tile 20%, remove base boards, float floor (not much, it's a 5 year old house with a concrete slab), glue (has sealer in the glue), install floor, re-install base boards and move the furniture back in. The quote started at $16,000 and is now down to $12,000.

The price I got from Floor & Decor is: $2.65 sq. ft labor ($2,740.10) to install floor, $4.29 sq. ft Ark flooring ($4,435.86), $400 for glue (24 gallon) & $850 for concrete sealer (25 gallon).

That's $12,000 (from $16,000) vs. $8,425.96 and the only difference is the float ($40 per bag installed), moving furniture, demo of old floor and baseboard removal / re-install.

The difference is $3,574.04. Is it really worth $3,500+ to move furniture & demo the existing floor . . . I don't think so!

In addition, I spoke to a local "reputable" contractor that would do the Ark floor, seal, glue, move furniture and demo for $8000.00 which would save about $4,000.00; I would have to pay them $925.00 to re-install NEW baseboards larger 5-1/4 baseboards PAINTED. That's still a $3,000 difference and I'm getting brand new 5-1/4 base boards rather than 1/4 round added to my existing baseboards.

As a consumer, I would expect the "best" deal to come from the largest company (Empire Today) since they have the most "buying power" and most cost effective resources (sub's work for less when you give them more) rather than having to nickel and dime them down almost 50% from the original $16,000 bid.

As a homeowner, I do want piece of mind that I have one number to call for any problems that may come up rather than hunt down an installer or play the 12 month long "he said / she said" game between an installer & manufacturer.

I don't know if Empire truly does stand behind their product & installation or if problems like the "poor carpet seams poor response" are common. That issue is simple, they pulled carpet from 2 different die lots and it should have been addressed before the installer ever left the job.

So far this sucks . . . It's worse than buying a car! It's like sitting around a poker table where my opponents are different flooring companies; just give me your best deal for a quality product and "good" (doesn't have to be great, I'm a realist) craftsmanship on the installation. Let the chips fall where they may!

I hate companies that quote a price like $16,000 at 5:00 in the afternoon and by the next morning it's at $12,000 - Not much integrity in that. That's a "I'll rip you off if I get the chance", who wants to deal with that type of company?

Maybe some of you “Ex-Empire Employees” could provide some good feedback on what happens behind the blue smoke and mirrors curtain at Empire . . . Rather than the disgruntled venomous “I lost by job” feedback I’m seeing on this site.



where did you go to work after Empire. My husband works for them and everything you said is true. he is looking now, and I was wandering if you are working for a good company now.


Agarjag, I'm not making it seem worse I'm telling the truth. In the 10 months that I worked there I saw the sales force turnover almost entirely.

I was the 3rd longest rep out of 21. They can't keep reps. To quote some $1500 is very common,a $7000 job is very rare. I think in my time there I sold 4 or 5 jobs over $6000 most are $1000-$3000.

Why would I lie I'm not working there and I have expressed my negative feelings towards the company.

Yes there are no education requirements but there are many many jobs that pay much better that require the same. I can go on and on about the pay structure and negative aspects of the job as compared to other sales jobs but when people want to bash and believe what they want to there is usually no changing their mind even with facts.


Speaking as a former sales rep that knows all the pricing. The best way to go about it is to get the independent pricing FIRST then have Empire come out and try to beat it.

They are a one appointment close business and sometimes are too busy to make a 2nd trip and give you the best my original post the make 4% so coming back to the same home for $30-$60 is not worth it for most reps. I have been to many homes where the pricing that they had from an indy was higher than the price I was starting with


I doubt you would quote anybody for $1500 unless the job was extremely small. Your prices are nearly twice as high as local contractors.

I was quoted $5000 (lowest price the salesman would go) for laminate on a 700 square foot apartment. At 4%, that would have been a $200 commission if I accepted.

Not bad for 90 minutes of work on a job that requires no educational background. Give me a break, you're making it seem worse than it is.


Empire today prices are usually more than double any independant flooring store. High pressure sales.

Call them, set up a appointment. Get a quote. Do not sign any contract. Then be smart and go to a independant dealer.

Get their quote.

It will be 35 - 65% less. You, the consumer are paying for all the advertising.