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As a member of our Customer Service Management team, I apologize for your experience with your installation. Thank you for bringing this to our attention as we want to hear about anything that goes wrong and work with each customer to reach a resolution. Making improvements to your home is an important and big decision and we understand that it can be frustrating to have different installers come back several times to correct a problem that should have been done correctly the first time. You also mentioned that you are experiencing issues with your product – Empire stands behind our products and we want to learn more about your concerns and work to provide you a resolution. I would like the opportunity to review the situation with you. If possible, would you be able to contact me at or call 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Two years ago (2007) I paid Empire Today $4,000 to have laminate flooring installed in my home. Once the job was complete, I was mortified with the results. Instead of mitering the corners of the quarter round, in certain area's they simply squared it off and the molding looked like a light oak on a maple finish. I told the installers I wasn't happy with the results and their response was "well, if you don't like it go buy real wood and do it yourself". Their product is nothing more than particle board, and if you want to know what your floor will look like if it gets wet- just pour water on particle board and you'll see what your floor will look like. I know because my floor is bubbled in several spots.

I decided to call the company and complain about the workmanship and they sent out another installer who took one look at the job and basically said, there was nothing he could do to fix it. Feeling duped, I just let it go and decided that when I had the money I would either replace the floor or fix it.

But then, in December, 2008 I had a carpet salesman come out from Empire Today and when I told him about my laminate flooring he said he'd take a look at it since he claimed to be the "guru" of laminate flooring. He pointed out all the problems and told me what they should have done.

Knowing now that I wasn't crazy or being picky, I called the office again and filed a third complaint. Only this time it had gotten worse. The molding was coming loose from the walls and while coming out of the bathroom, I stepped on a nail on the threshold. I reached down and was able to remove the entire piece from the floor. They told me they would send out a third party inspector to look at the problem. He came out took photo's and one week later Empire Today called to tell me they would come out and fix the molding problems but could do nothing about the bubbled flooring. At that time, I specifically told them I wanted new "darker" molding because I felt the current molding was too light. The day of my appointment I found out it was the exact same installer coming out who did the initial installation. I called the office immediately and told them I did not want him coming back to my home as he was the one who screwed it up the first time. They canceled the appointment with him and rescheduled for the following Monday. On Monday two new installers came out and brought with them 2 shades of molding - one was the same color I already had and the other was even lighter. I told them I wanted darker not lighter. They said they would have the office call me back to reschedule another appointment. It's been a week now and still no call back.

Today, I've sent them yet another email, and then found this site so I decided to vent my anger in writing and hopefully someone will read this and go somewhere else if your looking to purchase laminate flooring.

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Most laminate is kind of like particle

board and needs to be treated just like wood. Don't get it wet!!!

I worked for Empire and they will cheat you if they can.

The sales are fake. Yes, customer service is bad