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Steve, I’m truly sorry for your experience and that your product didn’t meet your expectations. We do try to work with any customer experiencing issues to reach a resolution because your satisfaction is very important to us. It’s my understanding that we were able to reinstall a new product in your home this past week and that you’re satisfied. We’re always here to help and if you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at or call me at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Wallingford, Connecticut

I truly regret my decision to go with Empire Today for my carpet. I should have gotten my carpet from Home Depot instead. At first, the salesman who came to my house quoted me a price that was twice that of Home Depot (more than 3 thousand dollars and all they had to do was lay the carpet). After I informed him of that, the salesman called his manager and countered with a price that was forty dollars more than Home Depot, except that he promised that the carpet would be installed in three days time. I wanted to finish two bedrooms, a hall and stairway as soon as possible, but Home Depot wouldn't be able to do it in less than 10 days. So I rashly went with Empire Today.

They did install the carpet in three days but the carpet was a cheap, inferior piece of ***. The carpet was so thin you could see the backing right through the pile of the carpet, and the tack strips struck up through the carpet so much so you couldn't walk barefoot without getting stabbed in the foot. I called and informed them of this the very next day. They sent a man out to hammer the tack strips down. When he saw the carpet, he told me that in the eight years he had been working for the company, he had never seen a worst carpet. He called his manager and his manager passed the called to the lady in charge of the warehouse. Even she confessed to question the quality of the carpet they sold me.

I informed her that I was unhappy with the carpet and wanted it either removed and given my money back or replace the carpet with a better one. That's when they began to give me the run-a-round. Someone was supposed to call me back and discuss it with me. No one did. Whenever I called, I was told that the people I needed to talk to weren't picking up their phones. I called and called and called and called leaving messages that became more and more hostile. It took two months and cost me an additional 350 dollars to get the quality carpet that I would have gotten from Home Depot if I had just been more patient. For all the aggravation and stress that I experienced, they should have replaced the carpet for nothing if they wanted to show good faith and wanted to satisfy a customer they had wronged.

I regret that I ever did business with Empire Today and I inform everyone I know never to do business with them.

Monetary Loss: $2118.

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