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Dear Customer,
We are disappointed that your feel this way. We want to help but are unable to verify your account with the information given. Please contact us at with both you account and contact information, so we can further assist.
Thank you.
Ashtabula, Ohio
Customer service

Terrible! Had prescheduled appt 7-9.

Noone showed all night!! 2 calls to customer service with promises both times he was coming. Was running behind due to someone financing. First time I thought ok.

Second time at 930 being told give him until 1010 (lol) hes finishing up. Hes 15 minutes away (lol). NO SHOW. Bad business ethics!

Atleast say, we cant do this today-at your scheduled time- we confirmed the day prior! What poor ethics.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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