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we regret that you felt pressured during your sales appointment. Your experience is not what we expect for our customers, and we’d like the opportunity to make things right. We have been attempting to contact you to discuss your concerns with your sales appointment, but have been unable to reach you. If you’d be willing to discuss this matter with us, please contact us at 888-588-2315 x4195 or

Thank you.
Rebekah Clerk,
National Customer Service Manager
Great Neck, New York

I scheduled an appointment online which, from my understanding, you have no obligation to buy from them. The salesman Howard showed up at the scheduled time, very unprofessional looking.

Before he even asked what was being done he wanted to know when I wanted it done by. I explained that depending on the price, I would let him know. I wanted to see what I could afford with it being a week away from Christmas. Once it came time for the quote he did his math, gave me a price & asked when they'd be coming back to install - all that fast.

I thanked him for coming but said I'd have to talk it over with my boyfriend before setting up an installation date - that, and his quote was a little too high for me and didn't mention the promotion that made me set up the appointment in the first place. He pulled out a contract & started explaining the contract to me and that I have 3 days to cancel, etc. I apologized but again stated that I've have to wait to make a decision. He got even more rude asking why did I say that all decision makers would be present and why I wasted his time.

He said the name of the company is "Empire TODAY" and he would not be coming back if I didn't tell him whether I wanted the installation now. I told him that was fine and asked him to leave very politely. He again stated that he wouldn't come back and if someone did come back, they'd give me a different price, of about $400 higher. Even if they price was right, I would never ask this company to come back after that.

It's a shame because I am all about being a good customer and I know a lot of people that I will NOT recommend. And even if I didn't have the money to do the full project, I would have used them to do a repair I needed but didn't even get a change to ask the questions I had about it.

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