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Patti, we truly apologize for your missed appointment. We understand your time is valuable and are disappointed to hear that this happened as this isn’t in line with our normal standard of service. We’ve attempted to reach out to you recently to address the situation and to see if you’d reconsider giving us another chance. If you’d be willing to speak with us, please call us back at 888-588-2315 x4195 or email us at Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Sacramento, California

I called Sunday, 10/30/11 after seeing an advertisement on TV for Empire Today. I was greeted very professionally by an operator and was able to get a next day appointment for an estimate for my home. I was given a window between 1pm and 3pm. This was great since I had the day off for Halloween. I had my phone with me at all times and was doing yard work in the front to be sure not to miss them.

At 3:05pm I called because no one ever showed. I was greeted again very pleasantly and placed on hold while they investigated what was going on. I was told their was an emergency and the person wasn't able to complete her appointments. Now, don't get me wrong, I understand that stuff happens but since they employ a service to schedule their calls can they not have them call the folks who are waiting for them to let them know!?!?!

I wanted to voice my dissatisfaction with the company and requested a call back from a manager. I gave all my information and it's been 3 days now - no call back.

I am actually pleased that this happened before I committed myself to have any services provided by them and moved furniture around or took time off of work, etc. I don't expect a callback from them and I will notify the BBB since what sealed the deal for my initial call was that they advertised an A+ rating with them...

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Estimate.

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