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I understand your post is from 2008, but I apologize that you are not satisfied with your laminate flooring back when it was installed. As a leading provider of installed home improvement and home furnishings, we hold high standards for our service and products. We are focused on continually improving our customer service so we can better satisfy our customers in the future. If you are still interested in having us follow back with you, please email me or call 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Salem, Connecticut

Tortured Customer:

We were trying to sell our house, so we decided to replace the kitchen Linoeum. Of the seven showings of our house so far, three of the people have made specific comments on the kitchen floor!

"It feels spongy and fake."

"Is this floor plastic?"

"The kitchen floor looks like linoleum."

"The floor looks dated."

We paid $3,822 for an eyesore that does nothing to add any value to our house.

Also, notice when they show you samples of the laminate flooring they are mounted on pieces of wood, so they look twice as thick as than really are !!

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Flooring.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Written by Tereza,

I am thinking of applying to PF. anyone have any good reviews


I am a maybe customer of Empire Flooring. I have an appointment tomorrow about flooring.

I think I may cancell it out. I have read a lot of nasty complaints about them and was still willing to give it a chance. But, after the comment made bt William on 10/09.

, turned me off of Empire. If workers are like William..No Thanks.


Yeah our samples are mpounted on wood because it would be unprofessional to come to your home and show you a piece of floppy scrap.You should have called in as soon as it was finished to say it wasnt done right and we would have fixed it.If it wasn't buckled after the install ever think the floor might have water damage?That is usually what the problem is,is that why you didnt call?If we did something wrong we want to fix it!There is a reason we have 1 million + customers and to say there is never a problem would be a lie the difference is we take care of them and make the homeowner happy that is where we stand apart from the competition!