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Ms. Bakun: I have read your post about your recently installed carpet from Empire Today. I was able to locate your account information in our system and it appears that we have already been in contact with you regarding your experience.Our professional sales representatives are best able to provide information about the features and benefits of our carpet and other products. While our installers are skilled at their trade, they are not best equipped to provide information on our products. Empire only carries quality, name-brand products and we back our products with warranties – some of the best in the industry. Empire works directly with the manufacturers to select the products that we offer to our customers. Only the best products from leading manufactures make it into Empire’s portfolio. If you have concerns regarding the quality of you carpet, we are here to help. Please feel free to contact me directly at or call 888-588-2315, ext. 4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Houston, Texas

I told Empire that the carpet they installed looked "cheap" and that I was very unhappy because I was told that the carpet I purchased was better in quality than my existing carpet.

When I asked Empire's installer if he installed a cheap carpet, he says, "Look at the back of both carpets. You can see the difference. Which carpet do you think is cheaper?" He then points to the carpet that was just installed!!

So I asked him why Empire's sales rep would tell me otherwise and he says, "I think people just tell you what they need to tell you to sell you something. But I don't have anything to so with sales, I just install carpet."

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