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Paul, it’s disappointing to hear of the problems that you have experienced post-installation. We have attempted to come to a resolution with you, but you have not agreed to our offer. We hope that you will reconsider working with us to resolve your concerns. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further at 888-588-2315x4195 or Thank you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Garden City, Michigan

On 12/5/11 we called Karen to make a complaint about our laminate buckeling . No reply. on 12/7/11 we then called Corp . due to no response talked to Ivan told him we could not get a hold of karen to make a complaint he then tried to call Karen him self , but got no response either , he left a message. He told us we would hear from some one in 1 to 3 days. On 12/10/11 Called back talked to Jamie from corp explained problem and no call back in time frame , she said Karen to handle our problem she also called Karen no answer. On 12/12/11 Called Karen could only leave message. On 12/12/11 Dave called us said Rich would come on the 14th or 15th to take care of problem. Since when do Installers take care of complaits ?

On 12/14/11 Rich came to look at the floor , said the metal strips the carpet people laided down were the problem , they should of never put them over the laminate , it causes floor not to float. He went backed talked to Karen , he suggestion a different type flooring . Karen called that same day said they will replace the floor , that some times this happens when carpeting is replaced and they use metal strips instead of transitions. We told her the metal strips were orginal from install.

On 12/19/11 Rich comes to replace floor with laminate ,all material is in his trailer . He comes in looks at problems with the floor , he starts to pull up carpeting starts to cut up the carpet , so not its shreeding , at metal strip to see how far the strip was nailed down. Wife starts to ask questions , remark from him was you keep asking me a 100 questions , I can either do this or leave. Then he made a statemen he could leveling out slight hump he said was due to metal strips binding up the floor . Then he turns around and says I can put this floor in but in 6 months it could do it again. Wife stated why would you do that if you have to keep coming out thats money out of the companies pocket and time out of our lives again. He then said he did not want to be responsable for it doing it again. He then called Karen , then Karen called us .Karen said she would contact corp about different type flooring lvt flooring . We would hear in 2 days. Rich said they would approve it.

12/27/11 Installer called at 9 am , his name was Tom. Showed up at 1030 am he looked at the floor and all the problems there was took about two hours. The gaps , waves,spongyness , chips, uneven sides, moldings in all rooms , tacks sticking up by all transitions,. This guy took the time to listen to us . When he walked in we ask where he was from , meaning what city or office , he stated Belville , we then in the same sentace asked where Bob was from , since we were not told. Tom said this type of floor was not for this type of job and asked if we considered lvt . We said yes , we were promised that from Karen and Rich , it never happened , he said he would go back and do his best. He never attempted to take up floor. He said he would hopfully be back in 2 hours to show us samples. He gave us his number, we never heard back. Three days later we tried to call him , no answer. Emails were sent to corp again. He also said the different flooring would not give the type of problems the laninate is. Hed also signed a letter we wrote with all the problems and we signed to give to the Belville office.Tom also got hurt while he was here , thats on tape.

12/29/11 Laura called said they were sending indepdent insection company out to check floor asap.

12/30/11 Got call from Inspect souluations . 1/2 12 he came out to inspect. Rich showed up to check it out , he asked of everything that was wrong incuding if they left it here for two days before install , we said no . It was left in truck while install in June in heat. He said he should hear from Empire in one to two weeks . And if we requested a copy of the report we were intitiled to it. We asked Empire told us no. Gave us two different reasons why we could not get the report.

1/9/12 Got a call from Laura she said they could come and install laminate on 1/10/12 . I told her we were suppose to get different type flooring installed that was stated by the belville office. The two installers and he inspector that was here. She said ok to lvt material. She said she would have some one call to set up for sales to come to house. She did said we would have to sign off saying if we have a joist probkem they are not resposable and we would have to get it fixed. We have no joist problem , I have no idea what the report says since they refuse to gve it to us. She said everything will be replaced per her in the home. We called compinies about about the problems on the flooring material .

1/10/12 saleserson came out we picked our flooring , we have never heard anything back , no install date , nothing. Floor is worse , we are still dealing with it. They have done nothing to resolve our floor thus far. But words , lies, blackmail.

We are entiled to the report , we should not have have to wait almost two months , the report we have gotten on our own on a joist problem and their install and material tells us other wise. What its coming down to is bad material , bad install . Read manufacturs install of all material they did not follow that , its buckeling due to all that not a joist problem. Now they have changed their mind and said no joist problem , the indepnat report says bad material and bad install. Now they want us to sign they we will not talk bad about them ever again or we get sued. We cant even talk to our neighbors. And we will get no warranty with the new install. They will not be reliable after install. They will also not take responsablityfor bad install or bad material. They are doing tis to two senior citizens who are disabled . Blackmailing us. We had no problem when they to reinstall the carpet , but now the flooring is a huge issue . Bellville caused the problem , take resposablity. Listen to the tape , take to the wittness . Quit re selling material when you take it out of peoples home , trade commission will love to hear you to that.

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Monetary Loss: $2000.

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