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Dear Judy,
We regret to hear that your experience had a rocky start. We are aware that we have completed your installation, if you continue to have questions please contact us at
Thank you.
Statesville, North Carolina

I have been dealing with my issue since first of Feb. I called and called before i actually got to speak to someone.

I was told to send pictures of my issue with my laminate flooring. I did. Took several calls before getting to speak to someone again. I was told the manager looked at my pictures and determine i had water damage.

I knew this could not be right. I kept on calling until i was told the manager would come yo my house to look at my floors. He looked very hard to find something i had done to cause the flooring to do what it was doing. He told me they would be back in 2 weeks to gix the problem.

After not hearing anything in 3 weeks i called several more times to speak with someone. I then was told they approve to replace only 14 boxes and made that consumption frome the pictures. Humm. I disagreed and ask that my whole floor be fixed.

I was told she would turn my complaint in and it would take 2 weeks before they would make a decision and get back with me. I waited 17 days this time and called again. Manager did not want to speak with me. I was persistent.

She told me the did not have my flooring anymore and would get the manufacturer to make some (14 boxes) i told her i didnt want my floors spliced up and replaced with something that would not match. She said they should match pretty close.

I have continued to ask for number of anyone higher up within empire and only have been told they don't know anyone else higher than who they have. Sharing 1 photo of my floors

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Laminate Flooring.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Dear Judy,

Thank you for making us aware of the issues you have been experiencing. We assure you that we will follow up with you until your problems have been addressed.

-Empire Customer Support


My problem is i need to speak with higher management. Can you give me a name and number