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Dear Thora,
We regret to read your post and assure you that your concerns are very important to us. If you continue to have unanswered concerns please contact us at
Thank you.
Little Elm, Texas


Do not ever buy floors from empire today. They are scammers that will say anything to get the sale. My husband and I finally decided to get new floors. The woman talked us out of hardwood per we have dogs and children. She said the wood laminate would stand up to our daily lives. Not even 6 months and the floor looked horrible. Chips, scratches, gaps, bubbling, my baseboards were hacked. I was super paranoid about keeping our new floors nice so trust me, it was not from anything crazy. They are beyond a pain to clean because if you use anything they bubble. With two dogs that's awesome...

When I called empire today they said the would replace the damaged parts. But they said since it was more than one or two spots I would have to cover installation again. What???!!

She then said I could always walk around with a wood stain pen. Who wants to have to fill in chips when the floor wasn't even a year old?!

I finally got the BBB involved. Empire sent out two different people to "investigate". They took pictures and had agreed to give us credit for what we paid.

They came out and showed us even cheaper product that was supposed to be more durable. They informed me that it would only cost me $1600 above what we already paid for the original instal.

I asked why they were so much more expensive than everyone else? She said that if I could find less expensive that I should send her quotes.

I sent her 3 different company's quotes all on high grade hand scrapped flooring for way less than the cheap stuff they were saying was high end. She then told me it didn't matter what their price was. I asked why they had me send them and she said she had no clue?!

Since they had told the BBB that they were giving me full credit they closed the case as resolved. Since then I cannot get a call back. They are liar, scammers and now I am just out all that money and my floors look worse and worse everyday. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Btw it was almost $6000 grand I believe for a little over 600 sq. feet. It makes me so angry and upset. It has been a back and forth battle between 3-4 years..

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Laminate Flooring.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I had Empire do a measure and co sultation. The sales rep was beyond ill prepapred.

He tried to force the sale. Thank goodness my boyfriend was there because the sales rep was getting very pushy with me.


I wish we had looked up these posts - especially yours - before we ordered from Empire. What a nightmare they are - when you can actually get in touch with a person.

Guess they have a lot of "pissed off" customers.

Hope your situation gets resolved. We are requesting them to take out the flooring they installed - incorrectly - and give us a full refund so we can purchase flooring from an honest, reputable and quality driven company.

Good Luck!


Hi Thora, we've read your review, and it's disappointing that your concerns have not yet been addressed. We can assure you that we never want our customers to be disappointed in our products or our service, and we will be following up with you shortly to discuss the situation and work towards a resolution.

Thank you.