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Dear Mr. Dooley,
Your concerns are important to us and we regret that your experience was not a positive one. We realize that time has passed since your posting, but we would like to ensure that your concerns have not gone unanswered. If you continue to have questions please contact us at
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Las Vegas, Nevada

First the sales rep told me there was no such thing as a half price sale,so i was stooped enough to buy anyway.2nd the office scheduled the tile and the laminate at the same time, so of course, the job was set back another day. 3rd tile was installed, finished at 9pm,how well can you check the job in the dark, so I signed off, and tipped the guys 50 bucks, only to find out it would take me 2 days to clean up the grout they left behind.

4th ,3 days later they show up for the laminate, they install that ,and left me another 2 day job of cleaning.

According to the installer, they do not clean,i call empire, no results. So my advice to anyone who chooses empire, don't pay cash and buy a shop 61 yrs ive never been taken for such a ride.

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Laminate Flooring.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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We heard a similar thing - according to Empire in Atlanta, there is a 50% off flooring & installation but the "fine print" - they claim it is 50% off of their prices ( which no one will tell you the price per square foot at Empire!) - when you do the math with their one total price without a breakdown by footage, product, installation you then realize that Empire's pricing at their regular price is about 4X that of everyone else. It is absolutely a sham.

Also our salesman slammed Lumber Liquidators when we brought up a cost for similar product there - claimed cancer causing materials. Guess what is written on the box of flooring they brought - you guessed it - state of CA considers this flooring to be cancer causing!!!

We just want this out and to never have any dealings with Empire. Hope you can get your issue resolved.



We have read your comment and want to be able to help. We regret that you were not satisfied.

Unfortunately, we cannot locate your account with the information posted.

Please send your contact information to so that we can follow up with you. Thank you.