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Ms. James: I was able to locate your account information in our system and it appears that we have worked with you to address your concerns about your Carpet needing to be re-stretched. If you are still having problems, I am happy to have a member of our customer service team follow back with you. Please contact Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager at or call 888-588-2315 x4195. She will be able to help you. Your satisfaction is important to Empire, so please let us know if we can help in any way. Gina Cielocha, Marketing & Communications Manager
Ypsilanti, Michigan

I called in 7/08 to have three rooms of carpet stretched snd was quoted 175.00. I declined the order due to it was too much.Jeff Dunn told me that no matter whenever I call back the price will be 75.00 each room.

Good I thought. I called back 11/08 to have one room stretched and now he gives me the business about he never quoted me 75.00 per room that it's 125.00 per room service charge (which was never mention) is 80.00 and he basically told me that I was lying about whathe said in July. He was very rude and steadfast on his lie. I have had carpet place in my entire home which I had to put up with non-Americans (speak no english) installing and then I have to put up with a person like Jeff Dunn to try to maintain the care of my carpet.

I will no longer shop at this esrablishment with the low quality band carpet.

I rather spend top dollar and get top service from their agents. Jeff Dunn whom is trying to win some type of spirit award with his company is on the battle field and we are the enemies.

Monetary Loss: $525.

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