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Although your installation occurred in 2008, it’s my understanding you’ve spoken with the Customer Service Manager in your local area market and we’ve offered to have someone come out to take a look at the problems you’re experiencing. All of our products do come with a one year installation warranty and although your product is past its warranty, we want to work with you on a resolution. I’d like to have a member of our Customer Service Management Team follow back with you again but in the mean time, feel free to email me at or contact me via phone at 888-588-2315 x 4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
New York, New York

I had a tub liner and walls put up in my tenants bathroom. Since I had tenents living there and liners take 1 days to install and 24 hrs to wait, it was a perfect solution to update an older bathroom without telling my tenants to move out.

They came, they installed, they destroyed!

THey installed Dec of 2008, it looked so pretty I was really happy. The following week water was coming down through the ceiling below that bathroom where it has never done that before. I ripped my ceiling down since I was about to redo that bathroom anyway. I'm clueless on plumbing so all i saw was water coming down, called empire. They came, the guy blamed my tenants stating they took a shower before the 24 hrs and the caulk was no good on teh new drain. OK fine whatever they caulked it again and they decided to caulk it from the floor below also and not only did the guy caulk it but he put 3 inches of caulk on? I said whats that for he said to make sure nothing gets through just to be safe. Boy i'm an ***!!

So i go ahead and have the bathroom which is right below the tenants bathroom redone. I put up special waterproof sheetrock and about a year later it was leaking a little from where the seems were. So i thought i went up there and caulked around the edges thinking it was that. Finally I couldnt take it any more cause it got worse and worse and I ripped down my brand new ceiling since the taping from the sheet rock was coming down at this point. It seemed that the sheetrock was holding tons of water in and it all came down. Whenever they took a shower it woudl poor into my new bathroom. I thought ok maybe my pipes have a leak etc. I never once blamed empire. Then the plumber came all I heard was oh *** and then he said he didnt want to touch it. He sai without going in the tenants apartment, you had a liner put up there didnt you. how did he know? he said he can see it clearly, its white. He then showed me the huge hole in my cast iron tube! he said the liner they made didnt fit your tube so instead of telling me, they cut the train of the tub to fit the liner. When you cut a castiron tub a chunk came out and then all this 3 inches of caulk was used to try and hold the water in. I call empire to explain since they covered it up!!! They said we will send someone out there for a fee. a fee? he said im out of my warantty, i said i understand that but this should not be part of that since this was pure negligence and a cover up! Of course i didnt notice until 2 years later, 3 inches of caulk held for the perfect amount of time past your warantty. So now I had estimates to replace the tub, and i thought ok maybe $1000. Well it seems its about 7000!!! why? well its not as easy to just take out an old cast iron tub and make a new one it in its place. THey said i need a new tub surrounding cause when teh tub comes out it will destroy the bottem part and wont match up when it ges back in and the same for my tiled floors, there may be a gap now. So this is a nightmare and basically Empire does nto return calls and when you call them to tell them they didnt return the call they put you on hold for 30 minutes, hoping you will hang up. Then they say its not our problem. So I consulted a lawyer and it seems it is their problem, but what a waste of time for me! I have to file, go to court and until them, i have to bath in my bathroomk with my tenants dirty bathwater! Be warned, if anythign goes wrong when empire installs any of their products, they will run and hide and not call you back!!!!

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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