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Our in-home appointments are very important to us – it is the only way our customers can see our products and gain a better understanding of what we offer. If a customer decides to purchase or if they decide to go elsewhere, satisfaction is extremely important to us. I apologize that our Sales Representative didn’t meet your expectations and for any inconveniences that we may have caused. Feedback is extremely important for us, after reading your post; I’ve sent a copy to our National Sales Management Team for review. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the information that you’ve mentioned please feel free to send me an email Rebekah Clerk – National Customer Service Manager.
Opa Locka, Florida

I scheduled an appointment with Empire Today and I found that they are *** expensive. Their original price to install laminate floors on 680 square feet, was $10,000. With their "generous" 60% off sale, the price was knocked down to $7,500...but still, 7,500? calculating 10% waste, that's $10 per square foot! I could get marble installed for that price. I felt this was outrageous, I talked the salesman down to 5k, but that was as low as he would go. I thought about it for a while and agreed, based on the fact that the quality of the flooring seemed to be good and they gave a 30 year warranty. Then the salesperson encouraged me to lie about my income so that I would be eliigable for enough credit to cover the cost of the job. After that, the salesman really was rushing me to schedule the installation.

I live in an apartment and I can't make modifications to my home unless I have approval from the condominium association and I explained this to the salespreson several times, but he was insistant that I schedule the installation right then and there and did not really seem to care about this. Once the salesman left, things just did not feel right.

Thankfully, as a purchaser, you have three days to exercise your right to cancel the job. I thought about all of the red flags that seemed to pop up during this process and talked it over with my wife and we felt like the whole operation was very shady and over priced and we canceled. After reading the other comments on this thread, I am very glad that I did not go with Empire Today and will go with a local contractor.

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