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Jenny, I truly apologize that your sales appointment did not meet your expectations. After reviewing your history, I can see that you have recently spoke with the local general manager area and that he better explained our fully installed pricing and measuring process to you, and that the issue has been resolved. Unfortunately, you have decided to purchase carpet from a different company, but I hope you would give us another chance for your future home improvement needs. As a leading manufacturer of home improvements, we offer a wide selection of the same quality, name-brand carpet, flooring and window treatments available in retail stores. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at or contact me via phone at 888-588-2315 ext. 5560. Marlo Michalek – Vice President of Marketing Communications.
Norwich, Connecticut

Christi from Empire came to our home on Monday. She measured the room we want carpeted and came up with 220 sq. ft. She then said she would need to add to that for "waste". My husband and I agree, you must add sq. ft. for waste in order to have enough product. She decided to base her quote on 260 sq. ft. Well, we are not carpet people, we assumed she was being fair. We were shown some samples of different products, and when we asked what the price per sq. ft. was, she would not tell us. She said they don't work that way. They quote by the job! what do you quote for 260 sq. ft. of "shaw" keepsake carpet? (bottom of the barrel btw)...$1590.00!!!! for one small 220 sq. ft. living room. But wait...its on sale for 60% off. So guess what, we're in luck...we can have the carpet for $990.00. My husabnd and I looked at eachother, said no thanks and told her we weren't going to pay a thousand dollars for ONE 220 sq. ft. room! She asked us to wait while she called her manager. She wanted to see if he could give us a better deal. She gets off the phone and says she can do it for $590.

We decide that it may be a pretty good deal, and sign the contract. My husband and I started talking though and decided we should call a local carpet company and see what the difference was.

Local carpet company comes out, measures...gets 220 sq. ft. He only needs to base the quote with waste on 240 sq. ft. though, not the 260 empire wanted!

Instead of a 24.5 oz wieght and a 6 pound pad for $590 (like pulling teeth to get) We are getting a 36 oz wieght and a 7 pound pad for $609!!!!

Just beware! Empire will try and *** for all they can get! I felt dirty after dealing with them!

Just like a used car salesman...maybe even worse!

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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