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Amanda, we’re sorry for the issues you’ve had with your installation. We are dedicated to working with any customer that experiences problems and that’s why we’ve tried to reach out to you recently. If you’d reconsider working on a resolution together, we’re happy to help. You can call us back at 888-588-2315 x4195 or email us at and we’ll follow back with you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Dripping Springs, Texas

Update by user Sep 16, 2011

I fully intend on notifying the media about my horrible expeirence with Empire Today. I plan on inviting them into my home so they can broadcast to everyone the poor quality of flooring produced by Empire Today, and put on blast the \"third party inspector\" who blamed the damage on the consumer.

Original review posted by user Sep 15, 2011

Empire Today installed laminate flooring in our home for $5k and did such a horrible job they had to come back and rip them up and lay them again. Before the installers left the second time my husband noticed that the boards were loose and the installers told him they needed to " settle". So after time passed we noticed that not only were the boards continuing to move around but the quarter round that was used along my baseboards was not secure, every corner was never glued in...and has proven to be a choking hazard for my 11 month old baby. When something is spilled on the floors we are very diligent about cleaning it quickly and it warps immediately.

When we contacted Empire Today they sent an inspector out to survey the damage, she stated that it didn't look right and that it was poor installation. A week later Empire Today called and stated they wanted to send a third party out to survey the damage, they hired the " third party inspector". A week after that Empire Today called and said there was nothing they could do because their "third party inspector" reported that it was consumer damage.

I guess they would assume we must have shifted our foundation and rearranged walls so the floor would no longer fit the area they installed it on...

We spoke with the costumer service manager and he said if we paid them an additional $1200 they would upgrade our floors for us, but why would I want them to come back into our home and for a third time try to install flooring. I am so disgusted with the service provided, there is no way I would want them to do anything other than come to my house with a crew to remove the floors and give me my money back...I will hire a reputable company to do the job. Empire Today has the worst costumer service that I have ever seen.

The saleswoman who came to our house was so unprofessional and smelled so badly of cigarette smoke I had to spray my furniture with cleaner to remove the smell. She also sold us a floor that was supposed to be water resistant due to the fact that we have young children and we would expect to spill the occasional glass of water. The floors warp instantly when any liquid spills. When you walk through my house you can hear a hollow sound in areas, and you can see where every board comes together because they are raised on both ends.

I would never recommend Empire Today to anyone, and I fully intend on reporting them to the BBB as well as writing my Congressman, and post this on every consumer report I can find. Do yourself a favor and avoid the headache by not ever choosing Empire Today for your flooring. I understand that you will not find a company that will please everyone, however now researching pissed consumers from Empire Today I understand that I am surrounded by thousands of disappointed Empire costumers!!!

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