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Mrs. Sandoval, I apologize for the error that was made with processing the charge to your account and for the inconveniences this has caused you. We are aware of your situation and have been working on expediting your credit. If you have any further questions or concerns that we can help you with, feel free to email me at or contact me via phone at 888-588-2315 x 4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Dallas, Texas

My husband and I decided to get estimates for carpet (whole house). Steve Patterson, Sales Rep with Empire Today showed up on March 24, 2011 gave an estimate of $3200.

He then asked if we were going to finance. After finding out we were going to pay cash he said he would call his supervisor to see if he could get a discount for paying cash. The price dropped down to $2800 for the whole house. We had told him that we didn't want to have anything set in stone since we had appointments to get more estimates tomorrow (3/25/2011).

He said, that's fine but I would recommend that you fill out this form to be able to keep the price since he had to call his supervisor to get the price lowered. He said that he needed a credit card but along with it so that if we decided to go with them, then we could process it faster. He said several times that the card would not be charged. He also stated that there would be no charges either way until the day of installation.

With that said, we said ok... we want to be able to keep that price so he filled out a form and had us sign. I checked the bank account the following morning and noticed that the full $2874.34 was in pending status. Right away I went on the website to get a phone number and there was only a site for me to put my # to have a rep call me back.

I did that and after 10 minutes of getting no where, I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was put on hold and then I heard the phone pick up and then it was hung up. I called a local # 972-522-6000 and spoke with Megan. She put me on hold and said she was going to speak to the Accounting department.

When she came back she said that she would cancel the order and that the money should never have been taken out without our permission. I did advise her that I had the whole conversation recorded. I have a habit of recording all meetings and anything I might want to go back and listen to. I was given a confirmation number.

Megan also advised me that as soon as Empire Today recvs the money that it would only take about 30 minutes for them to reverse the charge and put the money back into the account, and that they would refuse payment. I decided to call Steve Patterson back after I arrived home. Steve's Cell # is 214-354-0504. He didn't answer the phone so I left him a voicemail.

I had asked him to call me back and that I had cancelled the order since the money was taken out even after being told several times by Steve Patterson that the money would not be taken out until the day the carpet was to be installed. When he called back I also mentioned that we had to cancel our appointment with other carpet companies because we didn't have the money we had set aside for this project. I had no idea when the money would be put back into my account. He apologized for what happened and said that he remembered after he had left that it would take the money out from my bank account.

Which just happens to be the complete opposite from what he said the previous day. Then he had the nerve to tell me that if we decided to go with Empire Today that he would talk to his manager and make sure that we are taken care of. That he would even see about upgrading the carpet and getting a better deal. He must be out of his mind if he thinks we are ever going to use Empire Today.

I would like the money refunded just as fast as they took it out, that's all I ask.

I also wanted to add that I left a few voice mails for Megan @ 972-522-6000 X3638 and her Manager Allan Zachary @ X4199 with no luck. The customer service line (Option 2) says that no reps are available. I called the corporate office @ 847-583-3000 and ended up speaking to Mahogany in Accounts Payable at X3117(Very Helpful... only one that really helped me out).

She transferred me to Maria at X7604. Maria gave me the same information that every other person I had spoken to has. I asked for her manager since the funds were taken without permission and that I didn't feel I should have to wait 10 business days to get the money refunded back into my bank account. Adam is Maria's manager.

He took the information that the bank gave as far as what needing to be on the company letterhead and faxed to my bank. I then called Mahogany back and she gave me the name of the manager over Cash Management Dept and her ext. India Reed @ Ext#5246. I called and left a message for India and it has been over an hour and I still haven't heard anything back.

I called Ms. Reed and left another voice mail and still nothing. I decided to call Allen Zachery back to see if anyone would answer. And to my suprise, he answered.

He said that it was taken care of a few hours back (funny...

that's not what corporate said) anywho...I filed a complaint with BBB and I will get my money back either way. Happy Monday!!

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