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As a member of Empire’s sales management team, I am happy to talk to you about any concerns you had while working as a former employee. All of our sales people are independent contractors and strive to deliver world-class service to our customers. Empire Today holds every qualified sales representative to the highest standards so they can work with each customer and help them find the right products that best fit their needs and budget. Because every appointment is different and varies in size, sales representatives are provided with all the necessary tools to measure and price jobs accurately. Since Empire offers customers a wide selection of products ranging from Carpet, Laminate, Hardwood, Ceramic to Window Treatments, pricing is established by the style and quality of the product chosen. We also have a price guarantee program with certain conditions - if a customer finds a lower price on a comparable product and installation, Empire will beat that price. Please contact me if you would like to discuss your post. I can be reached at or 847-583-5248. Rick Boysen, Director of Sales
Ontario, California

I worked for Empire Today for several years. In the last couple years it has been hard to get paid for the jobs you sell.

When a sales person comes out to your home, they are given a price range that they are allowed to charge. The sales person may be able to charge $24-$50 a yard. If you get a salesperson that can really sell you may pay more than 2x more then the people next door. Now the salespeople have to sell area rugs. It they don't sell a certain amount a week they are not given work the following week. The salesperson is taught how to charge for the area rug and make the customer think they are getting it for free. You can get the same area rug at Lams plus for a lot less.

When they do thier 50% sale it is only on 2 carpets; the cheapest carpet. They pay only about $4 a yard so when they have the sale you are only saving $2 a yard. For example you might pay $26 a yard vs. $24 a yard. The sales person is only allow to charge you $24-$50 a yard. There is really no sale.

The reason why Empire always miss thier appointments is that they only give appointments to the salespeople that are selling over 50%. So a saleperson may have my 6-8 appointments a day where they can not get to everyone and another salesperson is sitting at home with nothing to do. One of the general managers said at a sales meeting he would rather us miss the appointment (he used the word "burn) then give it to someone who is not selling at 50%. That is why they miss several appointments.

When a salesperson finally leave Empire makes up every excuse not to pay them. I had some sales that they gave to someone else. Salespeople have left the company being owe $1000-$5000 and they never pay them. They can't file a small claims because they don't register in the state and small claims will not let you file a case that is out of state unless it is an auto accident or tennat/landlord problem. You can't go to the labor board because you are an indepentant contractor. Since the sales people are i.c. Empire does not have to pay unemployment taxes or benefits. If salespeople are fired they can ot collect unemployment. If Empire goes through 1000 sales people a year(which is a very low count) and don't pay $2000 to each of them they are saving $2,000,000 a year.

Please don't do business with them.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, United States #19396

Areyoudone, you had better quit looking at the complaints and feeling you need to protect Empire Today. Obviously, you are a manager there. Only an Empire manager would be so disrespectful & condescending as to suggest someone go run a daycare, instead. You had better spend your time hiring an attorney, & getting your testimony straight for when you are named in the class-action lawsuit. It's yours & Empire's attitudes towards both the customers, and those you expect to go out & rip off the public so you can make your bonus, that brings on the types of complaints you are reading here (& elsewhere).

There are, and have been, good people that go out repeating what they were told to say during their "training", only to find out, in time, that they are representing a truly disreputable company. Empire, and you, knows this. In fact, one of your own superiors has said that it takes an independent contractor about 9 months to find out what a bunch of thieves you all are. That's why the "training" class is constantly full of new recruits.

Like I said, your time would be better spent recalling your comments in the past, and whom might have heard them. There's a sh*t storm brewing out there, and it's coming your way!

Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan #15672

Areyoudone. You must be one of the sales managers, maybe the one that wants to burn the customers.

It sounds like you work for them. I heard that they hired 20 people and in less than 6 weeks there was one 1 left. I also heard there is a class action lawsuit with at least 200 people already signed up. I don't know if it has been filed yet or not.

They also have employees that only job is to search the internet for bad PR and try to get rid of it. You might be one of them

Wakefield, Quebec, Canada #14286

Nice, but the guy is right. I worked in accounting at Empire for about year. What ever they could do to screw anyone out of money, they will!!

Parlier, California, United States #13473

Let me get this straight. You want to claim Empire uses contractors to sell products, over price products, give salesmen a range they can charge, and then say how you worked for them for years...all in the same breath you want the same people you are claiming get ripped off (by you in fact while working for them) to feel sorry for you?Empire pays what is owed to contractors- current or ex reps.

Sounds to me like you couldn\'t close your leads and your sales manager was smart enough to stop giving you any. I would recommend running a daycare.