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Mike and Linda, thank you for providing your feedback on your Empire experience, it is definitely appreciated. After reviewing the details, I've also sent a copy to our National Sales and Installation Management Teams to review.Feedback from our customers is very important to us, as a member of the Management Team, I can assure you that we read the information and review it with our appropriate teams to ensure customers are receiving the experience that meets their expectations. Thank you once again - Marlo Michalek, Vice President of Marketing Communications.
San Francisco, California

We contracted with Empire Today to install carpet in the living room and tile in three bathrooms. The salesman oversold the products and the quality of the workers, as well as inflated the price. However, I expected this and was prepared to negotiate.We went from $7,100 to $4,850 after remeasuring three bathrooms.

The installers for the carpet showed up on time and worked their butts off trying to please us.They even saved and reused a piece of custom made transition strip between carpet and laminate.They even restretched the upstairs carpet as part of the service.

The tile installers were also professional. They showed up on time both days, and put in 12 hour days to finish. They arranged the tile in a pleasing pattern and worked hard to please us. The only drawback with both crews was that only one person spoke English.I had to brush up on my Spanish quickly.

Overall I am pleased with the work. Just remember to negotiate hard on the price, and have no shame about saying they charge too much. Eventually, they came in nearly $1,600 less that Sears, who was their conpetition.

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