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William, we truly apologize for the issues you’ve experienced with your product. We want all of our customers to be satisfied with the finished results in their home and we’d still like to work with you to find a mutual solution. I understand that we reached out to you today and that another inspection has been scheduled. If you have any questions or concerns before this time, please feel free to email us at or call us at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Middletown Township, New Jersey

I purchased my carpet from Empire and had it installed in December of 2009 for the cost of $5,899.80, and it was supposed to be to be top quality plush carpet. Fast forward not yet two years and the carpet is buckling, matting not to mention the quality of the carpet looks like it belongs in a 1 star motel.

The carpet is not dirty but it looks like it has been down for 10 years. The carpet that was sold to me was bad carpet and to come to think of it, that was is not the same carpet sample that the salesman originally showed me and I thought I purchased. I was not at the house when it was installed so I was able to oversee the installation and make sure it was the right carpet. This is not high quality carpet as the salesman stated but Empire's practice is they give you the sales pitch for a certain type carpet and then install the lesser quality carpet.

I contacted Empire in July 2011 regarding the condition of my carpet and an inspector came out on 7/19/11 to inspect the carpet and I discussed with the representative then that I was having company from out of town and I needed to have the carpet replaced because of the condition it was in. The representative stated that she would let me know the findings after she got back to the office. I had the carpet cleaned on 7/20/11 because I was having company from out of town, and it looked worse than it did before I had it cleaned. I had no choice but to have the carpet removed downstairs and replaced with hardwood floors (and no I did not Empire Today).

I was waiting to hear back from the representative so we could discuss getting the upstairs carpet replaced but I did not hear back from them so I had my wife call Empire on 7/28/11; she spoke to Stephanie and explained the situation with the carpet and the concern of not being contacted by Empire. My wife explained that we had to take the carpet up from downstairs because of the condition after the professional cleaning. Also that there are no pets or children just 3 adults and we remove our shoes in the house so there was no way that the carpet should look the way it does after almost 2 years since the carpet was installed. Stephanie informed that a representative would be out on Friday between 11am-12n to assess the carpet upstairs, well Friday came and no one showed up.

I then got a call stating someone would be out on Monday 8/1. On Monday a representative from Empire (Richard Dorsey) came out to look at the carpet upstairs in the hallway and master bedroom and he agreed that the carpet was not in good condition and not once did he say it was normal wear and tear but he agreed that it was bad carpet. I explained to Mr. Dorsey that my wife was having her investment club meeting and also my mom was coming in town and I need to get the carpet issue taken care by Saturday 8/6.

He said he would take the findings to the office and contact me. I did not hear from him so my wife contacted him on 8/4 and explained the urgency of getting the carpet replaced and he seemed to have amnesia. He told my wife that I did not say anything about the bedroom and that what he saw was normal wear and tear (which is totally nonsense and opposite of what he originally said) and that I would have to have an independent inspector (which we would have to pay for) assess the carpet and forward the findings to Empire and they would make a decision if it warrants the carpet to be replaced by them. My wife asked for a supervisor because clearly Mr.

Dorsey was not in a position to help. She was transferred to Rhonda who did not even announce herself all she said was hello like she was at home (very unprofessional). My wife preceded to once again explain the situation and after she explained what the issue was, Rhonda stated that she was informed it was normal wear and tear and she repeated it several times sounding like a robot who was reading from a script. She also informed that we could have an independent inspector come out to survey the carpet and send them the findings.

She sounded unconcerned not to mention very unprofessional. The employees of Empire only seem to care about the customer long enough to get their product sold and money and then they seem to forget that customers is what make their business. The advertisements are false along with the sales pitch and they try to reel you in with the prices but the lesson that I have learned is sometime you have to pay a little more to get a better quality product as well as good customer service. Empire needs to make this right because this is very bad business and as the blogs show I a not the only one who is or have had issues with the company.

I have health issues and this is really adding a lot of undo stress and strain on my body.

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