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Kim, I truly apologize that you’ve been experiencing issues with your product. It’s my understanding that the local customer service manager reached out to you yesterday and we’re working with you to address your concerns. We want you to be satisfied and we’re looking forward to working on a resolution with you. We’ll be following back with you, but if you have any questions or concerns before this time, please feel free to email me at or contact me via phone at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Bolingbrook, Illinois

So an Empire Today salesman came out on 12/31/2010 with carpet and vinyl flooring samples. My husband and I chose a Mohawk carpet with a 15 year warranty mind you. (We have had Empire do our kitchen laminate previously, had issues, and they corrected the problem.) Our salesman assured us that we would get that "great Empire service for the warranty with the carpet just like we did with our laminate flooring if their were any issues..." We had our carpet installed on or about 1/8/2011. By April our carpeting looked like the 10 year old carpet that we just had torn out! When I called customer service, they forwarded my info. and complaint onto what I am guessing is a regional manager in the Illinois office. I missed this person, Kim's first call, and proceeded to call her back for approximately 5 days before she finally called me back.

When I finally spoke with her and expressed my issues, she told me that the warranty doesn't cover the way our carpet wears. I said this carpet isn't even 5 months old! She asked me if I used a vaccuum with a beater brush. I said yeah, I have a dyson and we vaccuum every other day if not every day! She said well maybe it needs to be cleaned. Mohawk states that their better carpet should ONLY have to be cleaned approximately every 12 to 18 months!! This hasn't even been in my house for 6 months yet!! So we did use a professional grade cleaning on it as suggested, and it still is beat down, pieces coming up and it looks like ***! I was told the only thing they would cover is a seem that we have that looks bad. I cancelled the appt. for the seem. Why am I gonna have the seem repaired if the carpet is still gonna look like ***!!!! The carpet has a rippling effect look to it no matter what, it is beat down, and we only have 4 people living in our house. We have dogs, but hello! Dogs don't run around constantly wearing down carpet! My 10 year old carpet that we had previously wore better than my now less than 6 month old carpet from Empire is wearing!

We believe our salesman played a bait and switch, as he didn't write what kind of carpet we were purchasing on our contract, he just wrote "carpet". It was supposed to be Mohawk Challice carpet with the best padding they offer, and have this great 15 year warranty that covers everything except negligence. We don't think that we got the carpet we ordered because this is *** carpet! We paid alot of money for our carpet, and basically Empire has told us, sorry you are out of luck.

Be sure to ask for a copy of the warranty to read before the salesman even leaves your home! He didn't offer it to us, and come to find out, they are supposed to! Mohawk states that their warranty explanation of whats covered should be on the back of each sample. Well it wasn't.

We feel that we have been COMPLETELY DECEIVED and now Empire doesn't want to fix their crappy product.

My suggestion...DON'T USE THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IS BEING INSTALLED!!! I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THE CHALLICE SAMPLES BROUGHT BACK TO MY HOME BECAUSE I GUARANTEE, THAT IS NOT WHAT WAS INSTALLED! The salesmen work on commission, and the more expensive of a product that is chosen, the less they make in commission! If they can charge more and switch to a crappier product, they make more money, and you have no way of knowing what is being installed.....

We will never use Empire Today again, and will be sure to let everyone we know not to either! Kim

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