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I have read your post from two years ago about your experience with your appointment and in-home estimate and apologize you were not satisfied back then. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and we are continually working on improving our customer service. We know some time has elapsed, but if you still interested in reaching out to us, we would be happy to follow back with you. Since we do not have your contact information can you please email me at or 888-588-2315, ext. 4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Would you like to know how Empire Today is ripping people off? Straight out fraud?

They have two basic methods: Telling you the price of a certain carpet is $5 and lowering it until you agree and the most worse, telling you incorrect square footage and using faulty math to get you to pay more than $150 per room extra if you don't check their math. Raymond Stubbs, a representative of Empire Today came to my house yesterday, measured the room I wished to have carpeted at 15 x 14, and using his calculator told me it was 252 square feet. He then suggested letting the Empire crew move the furniture instead of me, which costs an extra 14 cents a square foot for a total of $70 + $805 = $875.00. After he left I checked his math, the square footage is actually 210 feet and 14 cents times 210 square feet equals less than $30.

The total charge was $875.00 but he told me that if I had it installed the next day, he would knock off $150.00. How many people do you think gets cheated by this method that is seemingly condoned by the company?

Even when I called to cancel, the operator told me that they could knock 25% off the $725 in order to keep retain the order, their math- $568, my math $544. It seems it is a company wide philosophy to cheat the math at every chance.

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