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Pete, I wanted to let you know that I've read the information that you posted in regards to your experience with Empire Today. There are many different areas of our business that you’ve mentioned in your post. I'm concerned about the overall experience that you received from the initial call into our Call Center through the In-Home Estimate by the Sales Representative. As an organization and as a member of the management team, I can tell you that there is a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Empire only works with top manufacturers so we can provide quality products at direct low warehouse pricing. The pricing that is provided to you and our customers by the Sales Representatives is based on a fully installed price – this includes elements that some company's may charge for like coming out for an estimate or measuring the area, etc. We also offer a Low Price Guarantee – we’ll beat any competitive offer if certain conditions are met. Our installers are qualified and professional. The Customer Service Team will work with each customer throughout their Empire experience for any questions or concern.Unfortunately, based the information that you provided, we didn't provide the service levels that you were expecting from. I’ve met with our National Sales Team and they have been in contact with the market. I would like the opportunity for you to speak with our Area Sales Manager. I understand that you don't want to be contacted however, I'm providing you my contact information, if you would like to speak to myself or the Area Sales Manager please feel free to send me a note and either one of us will follow back with you. I can me reached at Marlo Michalek, Vice President of Marketing Communications
Fort Worth, Texas

Ok, so I called Empire Carpet to get quote for carpet installed in my new house (which I haven't moved into yet). The dirt bag on the phone wanted my wife and kids to wait in the house for up to 3 hours for his salesman to get there and refused to do a courtesy call when he was on the way. Well, its Texas and 105 degree temperature is no place for kids. I told the call center rep that if they couldn't just call a little in advance (my wife was 5 minutes away) that I wasn't going to make her wait in the heat and we would just use a different company that was willing to make more accommodating arrangements. The rep said "ok" and hung up the phone on me.

The day of the (canceled) appointment rolls around and 3 hours late calls the estimator wanting to come by and take measurements. What the heck????? So we met him at the property and let him do his thing.

His name was Adrian Gackle 817-991-7904

First, off he was very polite and respectful. It was hot in the house since the utilities had not been turned on yet and he opened all of my windows to let the breeze in.

After taking all the measurements Adrian went on for twenty minutes telling us how great Empire Carpet is, how many awards they had won, how great their service was and how they will fix any problems we ever have with our carpet... no questions asked. It was very drop-line, almost like a skit rehearsed to perfection. Gave me that used car salesman vibe.

We selected a few colors and then came the pricing. Keep this in mind before I give you the figures. I have already contacted Home Depot and Lowes and received quotes from both for around $2,000 to do the whole house. The first three prices he gave me were the retail prices for the carpet. The three we selected came out as followed; $10,430.15, $10,474.25 (Option 2) & $12,265.56 for (Option 3). Then he goes on to say that Empire is running this HUGE promotional sale where you pay full price for the carpet installed in the two largest rooms in your house and the rest are free... you only pay for labor on the rest. So he flips out his calculator and pretends to crunch numbers for a few minutes. He then gives us the "TODAY ONLY" discount price of $7,699.25, $7114.25, & $10,099.40. I clearly had a shocked and surprised look on my face. When I started to question the price he quickly stopped me and said that he thinks he can get me an even better "BULK" price for the carpet because I needed so much of it. So, he whips out his cell phone to call his supervisor to try and "negotiate" a better bulk price for me. Somehow almost immediately, he had someone on the phone "negotiating". It really sounded like he was talking to himself.... but, if he was talking to a "supervisor" it was clearly playing the bad cop good cop role of *** sales. He sheepishly smiled and said, "wow that's a great deal" he then turned to me and gave me $6544.15, $6297.49, & $8789.99. WOW! I thought... GREAT DEAL!?!? not. I obviously grew more irritated. All the while he is trying to force me to sign a contract with him....especially to keep the prices... I had to sign immediately. Since when would anyone in their right mind sign a contract to by material from someone???? These people are really ***! So, then the guy says if I pay cash for it I would get yet another discount. Again this retard whips out his cell phone and calls "the powers that be"... yet again the person on the other end of the line answered within seconds. And again Adrian Gackle seemed to be talking to himself again. This time when he hangs up he comes at me with these prices $5225.85, $5556.60 & $7478.26. He tells me again that the only way I will get these prices is to sign a contract that day.

I again mentioned that I wasn't going to sign anything that day and that I would take a few days to thing about it and weigh my options. He told me that Home Depot and Lowe's sold poorly manufactured carpet... that their installers were not professional installers and that I would never get good service from them. He kept explaining the negatives about his competitors all the while boasting about his companies service and warranties.

I am not a fool and it irritated me that Empire would come into my home and treat me like so. I wonder how many poor ignorant saps, old people, and women fall for this stuff.... sorry, ***!

DO NOT CALL EMPIRE!!! I will be contacting Home Depot, Lowe's, and all the other companies scathed by Empire's sales defamation. Angie's list, BBB, American Business Awards etc will also be contacted.

MESSAGE TO EMPIRE CUSTOMER SERVICE: It's obviously not an isolated incident since everyone has the same issues.. it's clearly what you train your associates. Anyway, I see that you like to issue a standard rebuttal to everyone on this site asking them to call your customer service... that you care for our concerns and you would like to resolve it with us. But, I don't want to talk to you... and there is nothing you can say or do to change my opinion that your a bunch of thieves. I hope Home Depot or one of the others your salesman constantly bad mouthed will sue your a$!%^7!


Pete Hanson

Fort Worth, Texas


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