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Dear Amber,
We sense your frustration and are disappointed to hear that you feel this way. We understand that we have addressed your concerns. If you continue to have questions please contact us at
Thank you.
Saratoga Springs, New York
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These people are the very definition of slimeballs. I went with them mainly because I was on a very tight time frame to get carpeting installed before I moved into my new house. My salesperson, Jolene D. is the very embodiment of a used car salesperson. She tried every tactic to get me to commit to buy from them immediately (the let me call my manager to see what we can do about price scam, etc). I had to get carpet installed within a week, so begrudgingly, I went with them. Also, there "half-off" promo is a total scam. They don't give you any prices on the carpeting upfront, so you have no idea what your getting half-off of. The carpet that I supposedly got "half off" of was approximately the same price of similar spec carpeting at REGULAR price in a big box store. There's no deal at all there.

The idiots they sent to install the carpet were clearly subcontractors and didn't give a *** about customer satisfaction. They were supposed to call with a timeframe for installation, which they didn't, and just showed up at my house.I hadn't even moved in there yet and lived a half hour away so they had to wait there for me and then had the audacity to give me attitude about it.

The best part is that on my stairwell, I still have 6 stairs that have old carpeting on them. Why you ask? Well, because they did not bind the carpeting on the one side of the last 6 stairs, which is what I had paid for. They actually tried to fold over the carpeting and staple it!! Neither of the contractors spoke English well, so communicating with them was a nightmare. I placed calls to my salesperson, Jolene D., who didn't respond to repeated texts, or phone calls until I finally threatened to cancel the order. No delivery, no commission I guess. That got her greedy hands dialing the phone.

She said they could have the carpet bound and then come back in 1-2 weeks just to finish the remainder of the job. Well, a month out, I still have stairs with old carpeting.I have repeatedly called, texted, and emailed Jolene, "who will be there for you throughout the entire process" to no avail. Once this piece of work gets her commission check, she leaves you high and dry. I eventually got a hold from someone in Customer Service who scheduled the work to be completed, supposedly yesterday, and no one showed up. I tried calling Jolene once again, and shockingly it went to voicemail, and I am sure the message will not be returned.

Avoid Jolene D, and avoid Empire like they are the plague. They are a "take your money and run" operation. Jolene is a disgraceful and unethical salesperson and I am guessing those values are the corporate values of Empire Today, spread from the top-down.

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Carpet Installation.

Reason of review: My carpet installation job is still not complete, one month later.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Dear Amber,

We sense your frustration and are disappointed to hear that you feel this way. Your satisfaction is important to us and we will be in contact with you soon to discuss this matter further.

Thank you.