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Calla, we’d like to apologize we didn’t meet your expectations I truly apologize for your experience with our sales representative. As you may know, we provide a fully installed price for our products and are always trying to improve on our service. I understand that you’ve spoken with our General Manager and that they’ve also apologized for what happened. If there is anything else you need or if you have any further questions or concerns, please email me at or contact me via phone at 888-588-2315 x4195 so we may follow back with you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Culver City, California

Empire Today came out to my home on Feb. 26th 2011.

The guy was a joke. He did not know what he was doing and when we would ask a question he would do everything not to just give us an answer he then would start talking about a different room. I wanted our living room carpeted and i live in a townhouse, this area is so tiny it is the size of a small bedroom. like i said a townhouse living room tiny..

they quoted us 1,590.00 are you kidding me. I am suprised my husband didn't yell at the guy. then he said he could call his manager to see if there was something he could do with the price and then informed us he forgot to add the carpet pad so we could just have it for free.. we just said no because if you can't give us a good price without having to *** us off first then why bother..So i asked him how much a square foot for the carpet it was?

and then installation. he looked at me and said well, well, there isn't a price.. then how did you come up with this price..? so we just told he sorry we wasted your 3 hours.

yes three hours for him to measure this area.. it took forever so i guess they are not trained. i have a 7 month old who needs to eat and sleep and we have this guy who doesn't know what he is doing sitting here bull crapping us..

We are going to just go to home depot. At least their prices are the same wheather your mad or happy.

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