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Patrick, we regret that you were not satisfied with your sales appointment and our pricing. As we are a full service company, our pricing is all inclusive and covers product cost, installation labor and any other services requested. We understand that we’ve spoken to you about your concerns, and we hope that you’ll reconsider using us for your home improvement needs. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at 888-588-2315 x4195 or email Thank you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Windham, New York
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I saw an ad Buy 1 room and get 2 rooms FREE. So I called for a price as I wanted to have hardwood floor installed in 3 rooms.

The girl said she could not give a price but Empire would send someone right over to give an estimate? I called at 1:00pm and she was going to have someone come between 3 and 5. I should have known right there that something was up. So I said lets do it in the morning, she set it up for between 9 and 11am the next day?

The guy was on time, nice guy Tim. I said first thing that I could get this offer - buy 1 room and get 2 free but he said it's true so I let him do his estimate. Well the number he came up with was $11221.00 for one product and $13860.00 for another product and that was with 67% off retail, WTF! I am a smart shopper and have done this type of work before and I already got priceing from Big Box stores.

This place was about $6000.00 more than them and they were charging for all 3 rooms? So I asked where is the FREE rooms, now I knew I had to pay for the installation on all 3 rooms but come on this is crazy. The sales man said let me call my manager (Frank) he was on the phone and told Frank the number I received from the BB Stores and I heard him say "he's out of his mind" So Tim asked Frank if he would like to talk to me. I was on the phone with Frank and he said the best he could do is $10500.00 for all 3 rooms and when I asked where is the FREE rooms he just said that is the price and that Empire Todsy is not for everyone and it would cost me $15.00sf for the job take it or leave it.

So I did the math and divided the $10500.00 by the 650sf and came up with $16.15sf so I think Frank needs to go back to school! First thing Frank said to me is what kind of warranty would I get from th BB store, and the truth is they both offer the same warranty and it is through the manufactor of the flooring not the BB store or Empire Today. Tim told me that if there is any problem with the product to call him and he would get in touch with the manufactor and set up a service call, the sales man at the BB store told me the same thing. Bottom line people - you never get anything for FREE- they are just a bait and switch scam company!!

This place is only looking to rip people off who are in a pinch or can't afford to buy the flooring outright so the set up a payment plan. STAY AWAY, DON'T DO IT, STAY AWAY, BAD COMPANY!!!!!

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You said it right. You really don't get anything for free, you just get the old bait and switch! :?