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I’ve read your information and would like to have you discuss your concerns with a member of our Sales Management Team. Our sales and Installation of products is provided by qualified and experienced independent contractors. If possible, would you be able to contact me at Marlo Michalek – Vice President of Marketing Communications
Indianapolis, Indiana

2004-2008 I am telling you about EMPIRE TODAY I worked for this company as an installer from the ground up in the INDY MARKET Then I WAS PROMETED to A Management Position They mark up the prices on second Quality goods been doing this for 23 years they told me that my job was illiminated in indy had to go to Cin/dayton to keep my job That was A lie they laid me off after I trained a 8 dollar an hour Employee THEY LIE n YOU should Not Listen to any Sales person it will take you year to pay off carpet

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To Sally,

You are the ***. Instead of focusing on his spelling, why don't you focus on the warning he is offering to the rest of.

You're the *** who will never learn anything in her life. Dummy you.

Naha-Shi, Okinawa, Japan #48271

What is "PROMETED "? You're an ***.

No one would make you a manager. You never graduated from the 6th grade.