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Although your post is from 2008, I would like to apologize that you were not satisfied with your window treatment installation and experience with our customer service. We know it must be frustrating to make several phone calls without receiving a response to satisfy your concerns. Although some time has elapsed, we would like the chance to further discuss your experience so that we may better improve on satisfying you and other customers in the future. If you are still interested in reaching out to us, you can email me at or contact me via phone at 888-588-2315 ext. 3369. Gina Cielocha, Marketing & Communications Manager
Washington, District Of Columbia

Empire is one of the most unprofessional, irresponsible companies I have ever dealt with. I ordered windows from them in the beginning of November 2007 and as of today they are still not installed properly.

Trying to deal with their customer service people is impossible. I have been lied to by several different members of their staff. Every time I have called I have been told a new story. I have spent multiple hours on the phone trying to get them to be responsive. While their staff usually returned my calls they rarely had any new details on my installation.

I would highly recommend against using this company for any of their services.

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I had wood floors installed and they are lifting,I called CS,Inspect Solutions came out and did a inspect on the floor,what he is stating in the report is this kind of floor should not have been installed because we lived by the beach and have high humidity,yet in the same report he claims its our responsibility. I called SC and they never called me back. I will take them to sCCourt.


Wow. All this bashing...

Do any of you know that Empire-Today has a 'call center' full of mexicans that don't know what they're talking about or how to direct a call? Well, that's pretty much what you'll get when you call that 888 number.

Call your local office.

Not the freakin call center. You'd be shocked that the company isn't as bad as the call center would lead you to believe.


I had scheduled empire rug to come and install rug on my stairs and part of my wall on 1/30/09. They said they would be there between 11-2.

They didnt show up until 430 ( when we called them to see when they were coming they said they would be there in 20min, they ended up at our house an hour after that phone call ). We they came in, they went to install the rug and said that they couldnt do the job because they didnt have glue. So they left. We called the 1-888 number and was told someone would call us the next day.

By 11am no one had called us so we called them. They put us on hold for 15min the first time, 10 the second time and, then 5 mintues the third time. After finally talking with someone ( and at this point we were so angry ) they told us WE had to reschedule!!!! They offered no compensation, no apologies..

They said the boston office was closed and there was nothing they could do.

So i called the consultant that came to give us the estimate and he told us "oh no, you should call all THESE numbers instead!". Im thinking to myself "Are you friggen serious???" I will NEVER recommend them to anyone...they are horrible and dont care about customer service AT ALL.

Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania, United States #19086

Dear Mr. Scott,

Have you bought anything from them?

By your statement, no.

Do you work for them?

We don't know.

Are you a psychic?

Go make you decision, buy their product and then come here and post.

Empire Today, has had days and days and days to respond here.

Why didn't they?

Come up with something better than your weak, inept excuse for fairness.

Stop being a shill for a sham company.



Lapeer, Michigan, United States #6227

I didn't find any rebuttal from Empire. It's easy to slam someone when they can't comment back.

Unl;ike others, I don't make a decision by listening to only one side of the story. Where can I see Empire's remarks on this customer?