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As a member of the customer service management team, I would like to talk with you to find out more information about you and your husband’s experience. I apologize that your appointment did not meet your expectations – your description of the situation is not how Empire or our sales representatives are supposed to handle in-home appointments. We would like to talk with you to find out more information and follow back with the sales representative involved. Since we do not have your contact information, would you please contact me so we can work with you to make things right? Please feel free to email me at or call me directly at 888-588-2315 x 4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Bay Shore, New York

I had an Empire sales consultant come to my home to give me their free in-home, no obligation estimate. The woman showed up late, she pushed me to make a decision on agreeing to sign up for the installation.

While she was figuring out the final estimate, my husband walks in the front door, and I quickly told him the estimate. He said he wanted to think about that estimate. So I said to the sales woman that my husband likes to think things over before he purchases anything. Before my husband walked in the door, I was home alone with my 4 children.

The sales woman says to me with an attitude, " I don't have that kind of a problem because I have a job!" This *** had no idea if I had a job or not. Then she failed to tell me that I had 30 days to sit on the estimate. She tried to talk me into signing up for the installation and said that I had 3 days to cancel. She left me with no quote, told me it costs Empire to send her out for additional visits and that the consultants work on commissions only!

This was the most unprofessional sales consultant I have ever dealt with! I will never deal with this sneaky company again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Installation.

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In-Home Sales Reps need to try to close the deal that day, or they are in the wrong profession...

As a consumer, you are right... You don't need to tolerate unprofessional or inexperience reps (at your expense), and you should ALWAYS get at least Three Quotes from reputable services. From what you said, I wouldn't have bought either.


After reading some of the comments and feedback that was left here, I must say that I laughed at how unrealistic everyone is. The most important thing empire needs to remember is customer service is above everything, always act professional and courteous to the consumer.

Secondly, consumers are entitlted to getting as many estimates as they feel comfortable with before making a decision, especially without there spouse. We encourage our customers to shop our price and service because no one can compete with our excellence.


Wow, in reading these comments, Americans are getting stupider and stupider by the moment.

Empire fails to abide by their offerings. People are entitled to shop around for the best price. Empire offers a free, in-home, no obligation estimate and they should stand by their promises.


Alright Cash Flow and Realistic Person, ease up! Obviously she can't make a decision without her husband. And he'll probably want to think about it for a few years while the price goes up and their current floors get worse and worse.


You said she had no idea whether you had a job or not. Well, do you?

Don't talk **** if it's a good point. She shouldn't have been a b**** but you should have bought.

It's Empire! Why not?


Well, in her defense, if it was a guaranteed price, there is nothing wrong with her asking you to move forward at that moment. Dont have someone at your house if you are not ready to make a decision.