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I have read your post from 2008 and I apologize that you were not satisfied with your in-home appointment at that time. There are many factors that go into our fully installed price including the product cost, padding, sales, floor preparation, square footage of the area, moving of furniture, etc. Although some time has passed, we are always looking to improve our service. If you are still interested in reaching out to us, we are willing to follow back with you. Please feel free to email me at or contact me directly at 888-588-2315 x 4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
New York, New York

I had Empire Carpet come to my house and the slick salesman told me I needed 200+square yards and he then quoted me a price of 10,000 dollars.

The same Shaw carpet cost me 3,800 at Home Depot for 160 square yards. My savings are paying for my daughter's first year of college.

Empire advertised 50% off, the salesman didn't even bring that carpet in the house because of the poor quality. He then told me that another company would charge me 13,500 for the carpet and proceded to tell me how he would save me 3,500 dollars.

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Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China #19245

Hmm...I'll bet "Joe" (above) is an Empire installer. One bag of chips short of a sack lunch.

Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania, United States #19090

Dearest Clueless Joe,

Who wrote this?

One of Empire Todays' installers????

They spell just like they install, crappy!

Go, buy it from them. I double-dog dare you!!

You'll be back here in a month, with the rest of us!


Sedro Woolley, Washington, United States #18916
:) , hey guys i have had empite come to my house on 3 different ocasions. They have always done great work.

Yes they do have some carpets that are 50% off, and maynot be their top line of carpet, but that is still a great deal for that carpet. You usually can go to Home Depote or Lowels and get it cheaper and I GUARANTEE that Lowes and Home depote are ALWAYS gone be a little cheaper, but their quality of instilation SUCKs and their custumer service SUCKS. So if you want a good instilation and GREAT custumer service go with Empire today, they might not always be the lowest price but they will work with you to get it where you need it, and the instillation is great. Sometimes in life it pays to pay a slight premium on a better instillation and better custumer service, than it does to cut costs on everything and go with the cheapest company.Cuz if you always go cheapest you will get CHEAP on everything, service, quality and value.

so do the right thing and get a good value, unless you are one of those grumpy people that is always trying to save a buck and thinks that everyone is out to rip them off. I bet you are like that because you keep trying to save a buck and you keep getting riped off on quality and service and no one wants to give you waranties or guaranties b./c you keep going with the cheapest *** carpet or hard wood floors comapany you can get and now you are bitter b/c you have gotten bad service from everyone you do buisness with b/c you always get the cheapest low cost everything you can get your hands on dummy.