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I’ve read your post and will also be forwarding a copy to our National Installations Management Team to review. From our employees to our Independent Installation Contractors, Empire takes feedback and concerns seriously. Since I’m unable to obtain your contact information based on the details in the post, I would like the opportunity to speak with so you can be placed in contact with the appropriate individual. I can be reached at Marlo Michalek – Vice President of Marketing Communications.
Brooklyn, New York

My nightmare begins a very looong four and a half, yes that's 4 ½, years ago. That's when I was involuntarily terminated as a service provider in the NY, NJ, and PA markets by Empire Today, for reasons I will leave unmentioned at this time.

Empire Today has not paid me in full, and continues to refuse to do so, for services rendered. Furthermore substantial deductions made from checks paid to me, which are held in an escrow account, also remain unreturned. Combine the just mentioned and you'll get a staggering five/ six figure total.

Unfortunately I can't show the actual per job invoiced amount and/ or what specific work orders have not been paid for, due to Empire refusing to issue even just the recaps for all the checks, that have been paid within the timeline in question. Although these recaps were supposed to be issued on a weekly basis, they were actually made available to me when the accounting department "˜had the time' to prepare them. Now this does makes the battle ahead more difficult, but believe you me I AM DETERMINED TO COLLECT WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY OWED TO ME.

I have had face to face conversations, made phone calls, left voice mails, sent countless e-mails and even certified letters, with and to Empire Today associates and/ or management team members, all to no avail. In fact judging from past experience, I honestly believe this report will incite a joy to some of these management team members.

This company knows exactly who I am and is very well aware of the state of affairs I find myself in stemming from the intentional nonpayment. I may not have on staff investigative agencies and law firms, or the ability to compete financially, that doesn't however mean that I can't do battle in the court of public opinion.

I am exasperated at the notion that my efforts to have Empire Today pay outstanding amounts have resulted only in the amusement of certain people at my expense. I have provided two and a half years of service at three of this company's branches, on many, many, many occasions going way beyond the call of duty. I have spent more time in company offices and have more familiarity of day to day events and operations, than even some of the management team members.

I will post an update and also start a blog, where I will in fine detail discuss all my experiences, share relevant documents, images and even some fascinating conversations that have taken place, for all interested in a real account of how, when, who, what, why, where and of course HOW MUCH. I will share how customers, employees and subcontractors are treated and not only spoken to, but spoken about, especially when one's services are no longer required.

In the meantime however I need to find more places where complaints can be posted and file this very report.

Thank you for reading,


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