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Japheth, we've read the details in your post and are sorry for the problems you've had with your product. I realize we've tried to rectify the situation with you this past year, but if you're still unhappy, we want to continue to work with you on a resolution. Your satisfaction is very important to us and we want you to be comfortable in your home. We've been able to locate your account information and we'll have someone from the local market reach out to you soon. However, if you would like us to answer any questions or concerns before then, please feel free to email us at or call us at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Austin, Texas

So i had purchase a house with 15 year old carpet that was teal and never purchased carpet before in my life. After getting settled in, I contacted empire to take a look at their options, pricing, etc. They were having their infamous 70% sale around september every year. The price seemed good and had good financing. We purchased a carpet that was suppose to be "high traffic" carpet and with a great warranty.

First problem, after having it installed, they actually completely forgot the closet at the front door! Door was wide open and they still missed it. I had to make them come back to have it done.

2nd problem, all of their installers barely speak english and are very rough with all your furniture. They leave the door hanging wide open the entire time they were their even though I kept closing it. They would just open it back up and leave it that way. Needless to say, it was very hot in the house and completely infested with flies and bugs in the house. Plus I to leave my dog locked up all day because they refused to leave the door closed.

Next problem: 2 months after I puchased the "high traffic" carpet, it was completely matted down in the high traffic area. Mind you, it isnt really high traffic because only two people live here and we dont even walk in the house with our shoes on. I vacuumed frequently. On top of that, I had seams showing. I contacted customer service and they recommended a carpet rake to fix it. I attempted to find one at a local hardware store, but all hardware stores said they dont carry it because most new carpets dont need that to be done anymore. I contacted customer service again and they scheduled to have their inspector come look at it. Even the inspector said the type of carpet does not need to be raked at all and doesnt understand why they said that.

A few days later, I get a call and they said I wasnt vacuuming enough and the vacuum I had wasnt "full size vacuum" and that is the reason why it was happening. After researching their warranty and care tips on their site, it said it needs to be vacuumed once a week per person in the house, but nothing stated anything about a full size vacuuming. I got them to send me vacuum allowance of $250. I decided to spend extra and bought the new dyson ball vacuum.

After 2 months of using this new vacuum, it was still getting worse. I contacted them again and had the installation coordinator and customer service manager come to my house to inspect it. They said that for a "courtesy" to me, they would replace the carpet to another type but I needed to help cover some of the costs since it was not their fault!

After negotiating with them, We agreed to extra $400 for new carpet. Again, being the first time buying carpet, I thought this was a good idea. I went over thoroughly with the coordinator what type of carpet I was looking for including high traffic. She showed me a carpet that she said was "exactly what I was looking and was high traffic". So we scheduled for the new installation

Next problem: Again they sent installers that barely speak english and continued to leave my front door open which forced me to keep my dog locked up and on top of that, it was february of this year. By the end of day when they were done, my house was 45 degrees and freezing! I was having to wear a jacket in my own house and then pay to warm it back up after they left!

On top of that, I had to locked my cats in the bathroom during the installation so they wouldnt be freaked out. I told them when you need to do the doorway area to match to the tile, let me know and Ill move the cats but under no circumstances open that door without me.

They actually listened and did not open the door, but instead of getting me when they were ready, they just attempted to install and stretch the carpet without opening the door at all. One day after installation, I had a huge bubble in the carpet in my hallway right in front of the door.

I again, had them to come out to fix that problem. On top of that, I found out two months later that the cable for the tv coming out of the floor was hidden under the carpet installation! How am I suppose to use that under there?! I again had to have them come out to fix that problem.

next problem: This so called "high traffic carpet" is matting in the high traffic area again! 4 months after the installation! I called them yet again and they had the installation manager come out to my house. he did his inspection and said there is nothing wrong with the carpet and there is nothing he can do. He told me that I could have my own independent inspector come out to inspect it and if he says there is something wrong with it, then they will replace it! Why should I have to pay to have you fix your problem?! My concern was the fact your installation coordinator told me it was high traffic carpet. How can it be high traffic carpet when it is completely matted 4 months later! I have a proper vacuum and am vacuuming the proper amount of times. he said I could have it cleaned! Cleaning is only supposed to be done once a year! not every 4 months!

After speaking with him, he said he would put in a request to have them pay for a third party inspector to inspect it and would get back to me. that is where my horrible experience is at. He even said it is only a request and no guarantee they will authorized the payment of third party inspection!

I advised him that I was also going to contact my lawyer for consultation because the main issue is that you wont honor your own warranty and selling me something under false pretense!

I am going to fight for all of my money back that I paid and will go to a reputable company to have my 3 third installation done. Keep in mind, I had this carpet installed in september of 2010 and it is only the beginning of august 2011. I havent even had the carpet for 1 year. two installations and still ***! Just skip empire no matter how good that price or deal sounds. It is not worth it at all. You will be able to find the carpet somewhere else that is better and probably cheaper!

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Installation.

Monetary Loss: $4600.

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