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Although some time has passed, I would like to address any concerns you may have with our company. We take feedback from our customers very seriously and customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and we would like the opportunity to speak with you about your concerns. If you are still interested in reaching out to us, you may reach me at 888-588-2315 ext. 5234 or via email at Bridget Moscatello, Vice President of Customer Care.
Toronto, Ontario

This company is a scam they do not show up for appointments and the installers are not professionals! Be careful!

be really careful! also be careful of their sales antics they will start with over pricing and then tell you that we can save you money if you buy today. little do you know you eventually accept all the discounts and end up with a market value price you can get anywhere. the company is a scam!!!

I feel sorry for the customer that accepts the first offer.

Way over priced. God forbid you need a service call, you will wait months before anyone calls you back.

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Thanks to your reviews I am steering away from this company.


I used Empire (didn't take that first offer--it's called negotiation) to carpet a couple of rooms. They showed up on the day they were supposed to.

They did a very good job. They cleaned up after themselves and then they left. They were very courteous. I didn't have any problem whatsoever.

I would use them again especially if I were in a hurry because other carpet companies were going to take weeks to come out.

Perhaps it's the district or area that you're in that is the problem. I live in the Nashville, TN area.


Problems from day 1. Laminate flooring looks like it has a film on it.

I haved gone through all of the red tape and protocal. Letters, voicecalls etc. We paid to the max for quality. The warranty says it should be covered.

Could this be warranty fraud? With as many complaints as I have recently read, why has no one filed a Class Action?


Please please beware of empire.I called an made an appointment on a thursday for moday evening.The person never showed up.I called to inform them that the guy never showed.So they offered me 50.00 dollars off if I reshceduled.So I resheduled for Wed.Same thing nothing.I called back and someone told me they didn`t service my area.Why didnt you tell me that when I first made the appointment?Im moving into a new place and its about an hour away.So I wasted my time and gas.Heres the Kicker.Someone called me today from Empire asking me would I like to reschedule again!No thanks.please beware of these guys.

If they keep doing people like this,I`ll

give them 6 months and they will be out of buisness.I checked with Home Depot they have installation at 139.00 no matter how big your house is.Buyer beware.


I frankly do not see your point. Empire is a scam based on the fact they missed an appointment?

If so, name a single company that is not a scam. There are a whole bunch of considerations before give an opinion in regards to a company but I guess you are more interested in write bad things on Empire rather than let us know your experience with said company.

Empire Today installs an average of 1200 jobs a day through all the markets it is present at and probably 35% of those are installed NEXT DAY.

Do me a favor and name another company that does the same and have been doing it for the last 45 years. Considering the tremendous reputation of Empire in the market, it is very unlikely that it has a wrong pricing policy or a wrong product policy.


Empire installs an average of 1200 jobs a day throughout the nation and you are worried for 26 complaints????


I would like to thank you and everyone else who gave an honest assessment of Empire, because it is one of the companies that I was going to call in response to a television ad until I read everything here and then saw information about Empire on my state's Registrar of Contractors site. It says that Empire's license is "inactive" and that "Contractor is not able to contract with this license at this time. This contractor may be operating with other current licenses."

Based on the 28 complaints filed against a flooring company I am scheduled to meet with, I am going to cancel first thing Monday.

It seems like no one can be trusted when it comes to flooring except yourself, because one of the Registrar of Contractor's "Most Wanted" included yet another carpet company!

At this point, I don't know what to do. I have lots of experience with flooring, having installed carpet, linoleum and ceramic tile myself in the past, but have too much pain from a chronic condition and a prior severe injury to do such a job myself.

I sure hope someone can advise me when I try the Consumer Forum. Thanks again, everyone. While I am sure that none of you is happy about your bad experience, at least you helped one person to avoid it. If it weren't for companies and contractors, etc., trying to take advantage of me and/or my mother, etc., over the years, I wouldn't have gone out of my way to take on so many of my own home improvement projects and repairs which is how I would spend my "free time" after working my "regular" job for 12-hour and longer days.