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We’d like the opportunity to reach out to you so we can work with you to address the issues you’re experiencing with your product. We want all of our customers to be satisfied and would like the chance to speak with you to work toward a mutually agreed upon resolution. I understand that we’ve tried to reach out to you recently, however we have not been able to reach you. If you could, please send a message to me directly at or contact me at 888-588-2315 x4195 I will have a member of our team follow back with you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Dayton, Ohio

Empire flooring will not stand behind their guaranty on the laminate flooring.

18x26 foot room was installed and in a short time the floor buckled and the middle rose up 2". They sent a man with a 'moisture guage' to see if the floor was wet underneath. He ask what we cleaned it with and I showed him the swiffer wet jet 'For Laminate Floors'. That was Empires reason for not fixing the floor. Because we used a wet jet!

I had another flooring cpmpany come to tell me why the floor raised in the middle like that and as soon as they saw it they said it was because it was installed too tight. It needed to 'float' and was not enough space along the edges.

Empire would not do anything they said to stand behind their product!

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i had 4 flooring companys come in and all said the samething the floor was installed too tight and they where peeking(floor boards)and empire installers was here about 4xsand they said the same thing.

this company really sucks.DONT EVER BUY ANY FLOORING FROM THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOUR A JUDGE OR A LAWYER BECAUSE YOULL NEED ONE WHEN THEY GET DONE WITH YOU.its pretty bad when there installers go agenst there company.and dont take there word for it.or your word. its really bad when the owner dont care what people are saying and its not good MR OWNER.or just may-be your the same way as your mgrs and sales have to pay them before they will bring the flooring into your home.this is a *** way of doing business.there dont see the problems for a few days latter.then your ------.


this company did the same to me but they removed my floor to level it and left it that way because they found mold i had a leak in the floor and fixed it they wanted a copy of my home owners to prove that i was paid for what if i was its fixed. this is 1 *** mgrs

kane and your managers & sales people this company will rip you off any way they can.but we will see .you had a chance to change things but you refused,what about your sales man scaning people like me .i have the proof .maybe in court mr. kane and your thives.i asked for the owner he never called either