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Sheri, we truly apologize for the inconvenience with the problems you may have experienced with your washer. As a company, we strive for complete customer satisfaction and want each and every customer to experience our world-class service. It’s our understanding that we have reached out to you and your washer has been repaired by your manufacturer. Someone from the local market will be following up with you shortly to further address your concerns. If you have questions before then, please email us at or call us at 888-588-2315 x4195. Thank you.
Katy, Texas

I recently had Empire Flooring install tile in my entry way and carpet in my bedroom, and it has not been a pleasant experience to say the least. The first thing to go wrong was the sales person's "promises" around when and how long it would take to install the tile.

When I called customer service, they were extremely rude, but the installation manager, Terry Conrad, in all fairness did what he could to make up for the inconvenience and delays. The carpet installers left a huge mess in my bedroom and bathroom, and the tile installer did not replace the quarter round along the baseboards of my entry way. I called the installation manager, and although he said he would get right on is almost three weeks later...and nothing. Then, I tried to use my brand new (less than 6 month old) front load washer (after the tile installer had moved it out and back in to the utility room...and the spin cycle no longer worked on the machine.

Mind you, it was working just fine until after the install!! Once again, I called Empire and they said they could not send someone out until after Christmas. I do understand working around the holidays, but then yesterday, I was called and told that they were just sending the tile installer back out to my house and there was no way he could have "broken" the washer by just moving it!! First...I spoke with Frigedaire (the maker of the washer) and they said "oh, yes you can"; and second...DO NOT SEND OUT A TILE INSTALLER, WHO KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT WASHERS TO FIX MY WASHER!!

He is the one who broke it in the first place!! Having to go through the holidays with a house full of people and no washer was painful Empire! This was my first experience with you and may possibly be my last.

In the spring I will be replacing the flooring in my entire upstairs (removing carpet for hardwood)...and I do not know yet who I will use for the I am almost positive it will not be EMPIRE.

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