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Mr. Levene – I’ve read the information that was provided in your post and also have been in contact with my team to learn more about the information that we have on file. Since I oversee the Customer Service Team, I can assure you that we take each and every concern seriously. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to you and your wife. Please understand that at times, there are certain requests that we are unable to execute, however, our goal is to work on a mutual resolution with each and every customer. It is my understanding that you had requested as part of the resolution to have the binding arbitration clause be removed; unfortunately we’re not able to change terms that have been specified. However, we will honor the pricing that was originally stated during your In-Home Consultation. The product would also have the manufacturer warranty along with our service installation warranty. If you would like to discuss this resolution or another option that doesn’t include the removal of the binding arbitration clause, please feel free to contact a member of my staff, Tina Binette, Director of National Customer Service at 888-588-2315 ext 4211 or Bridget Moscatello, Vice President, Customer Care
Atlanta, Georgia

Summary: recommendation is to buy elsewhere

Empire Direct Salesman visited and was on several occasions rude, making jokes at my expense. Contrary to my better judgement, my wife liked the carpet, so we agreed price and I left my wife to take care of paperwork.

Upon reviewing the contract that evening, there was an unexpected $200 dollar difference in price agreed, furthermore buried in the terms and conditions a "binding arbitration" clause.

Out of principle, I cancelled the order next day and prior to writing my experience of Empire on this site, I gave their VP an opportunity to remedy the situation by removing the binding arbitration clause and honoring the original agree price.

After speaking with a different local sales representative, I was expecting to hear back but never received a call back despite leaving messages. It took another email to a sales director to get a reply.

What does this mean? In the event of a dispute your ONLY option is binding arbitration with Empire Today. Please "google" the term on Wiki - Binding arbitration was intended for internal commerce NOT to restrict consumer options in the event of a dispute.

The lack of response from the local office is indicative of what you can expect dealing with Empire. Head office has higher expectations which are simply not met by the Atlanta local office.

I consider myself to have had a lucky ESCAPE, clearly if the company was confident in its products, it would have no problem removing the binding arbitration clause.

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