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I’ve reviewed the information that you posted and I apologize that we didn’t meet your expectations with the installation on your stairs. Our installers are qualified independent contractors – our focus is to ensure that you receive a professional installation that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. As a member of the Customer Service Management Team, I would like the opportunity to review and address your concerns. Ultimately, my goal is that we can work on a mutually agreed resolution. Based on the information provided in the post, I’m not able to review your account. If possible and at your convenience, please feel free to give me a call at 888-588-2315 x4195 or you can email me at Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager.
Baltimore, Maryland

In 2/2009 I had purchased carpet from Empire & had it installed. Three installers showed up with only one that spoke or understood English.

That one left to do another job and left two installers that were unable to communicate with us. I complained about the job on the sides of my stairs, which went without attention due to them not understanding my concerns. I called and Empire had a supervisor come out who hot-glued the pieces together. It looked like a pre-school did a project on my steps.

I complained to corporate and asked they send a new person trained to do this. They sent the original installer who did not move the pile as he installed it so you can see each nail. I complained again. They had an inspector come out in November 2009 who reported a poor quality of work.

He promised Empire would send new people out who are trained to do the job correctly. On 12/2/09 they sent the supervisor who hot-glued my carpet. I did not let him in and called to complain. Empire promised to send the inspector out who is qualified and experienced in this type of installation.

On 12/9/09 they sent 3 installers who were not the inspector. I did not let them in and have spent over 40 minutes on the phone attempting to reach a supervisor. I strongly recommend checking references of the company before you sign on the dotted line. This was my first time buying carpet and it has been a horrible experience.

I would rather my carpet look like a crime scene then pay money to be mis-treated by a company.

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To the Empire Consumer Advocate Team: I do appreciate your offer and wish it would have come during the time my issue was happening. Due to poor communication, lack of care by corporate, and poor quality of work; my job took a year to complete.

Had Empire been responsive to my customer needs as they were happening, then I never would have posted this blog. It's funny that I had a faster response on a blog than by using the company contact numbers.


My "side note" : If you are thinking about getting a "free estimate" and you have read these post, dont be foolish and still deal with them.

If you have time take a look at my other post about Empire Today.. Peace & GL All


"The problem is they like other companies hire people for cheap wages that cant speak english and train then for two weeks and claim they are professional installers.."

There it is ^ my friends, Steer Clear Of Empire Today!


I agree with your comment. My youngest speaks Spanish very well, but he was not home at the time.

Much of my issue could have been avoided if there was not a breakdown in communication. This past week, the inspector came and repaired the steps.

They look great - it just took a year to get that resolved. My time in resolving this issue was well over 48 hours, which is way too much (in my opinion).


Wow..i'm glad i checked in here before callin empire to install new carpets in my bedrooms..I almost called them for an estimate..The problem is they like other companies hire people for cheap wages that cant speak english and train then for two weeks and claim they are professional installers..same thing with large painting firms with no english speaking painters..after all someone working in your home for 7.50 an hour wont do a good job