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We apologize that your sales representative was late for your appointment and that you did not have a positive experience with your in-home estimate. There are many factors that go into our fully installed price including the product cost, padding, sales, floor preparation, square footage of the area, moving of furniture, etc. Although you did not have product installed, I would like the opportunity to follow up with you about your experience and with the sales representative involved. Please email me at or call 888-588-2315 x5248. Rick Boysen, Director of Sales
San Diego, California

I set up an appointment with empire carpets via the internet. They were supposed to show up 2 days later between 3-5PM. They were supposed to give me quotes on flooring and window treatments.

The woman showed up approx twenty minutes late. She also did not have the samples with her for the window treatments.

Iexplained what I was looking for and she showed me some samples. I asked what a ball park figure would be for two different samples. She measured my house and proceeded to tell me that I would need 2100 sq feet of flooring. My house measures about 1700 sq feet. I understand you want some overage, but 400sq feet? She then told me the price would be $160 a case for one and $180 a case for the other. That did not include removing the old carpet or moving furniture, etc. that would be extra. I told her that I would have to think this over. She then told me that this price included the 60% off but she could call the office to see if she could get a better deal. I said no, that at those prices, even a better deal was not good enough. She left.

The next day I went to a local (San Diego) flooring store and found the same thing for $38.00 a case!

Do Not Be Fooled!

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38 dollars a case installed? That must be some junky stuff. The other price was installed price, you ***


Was this an installed price? $160 a case, how many cases were needed?