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Ms. Morgenstern, as a member of the Customer Service Management Team for Empire, I apologize that the Empire experience did not meet your expectations. We know that making improvements to your home is an important and big decision; our goal is to make it hassle-free and provide you with the highest level of service. Our sales representatives work with each customer to select the right product to meet their needs. Empire works with leading manufacturers and carries a wide assortment of products and styles to meet the needs of our customers' lifestyles. All our products are backed by manufacturer product and installation warranties. If there are problems with the product or installation, we will work with the customer on identifying the concern and assisting in providing a resolution. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. If possible, I would like if you could contact a member of our team to discuss your concerns so we can provide you a resolution, please feel free to email us at or via phone at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk
Camarillo, California

Empire Carpets charged us too much money. For what we paid, we should have gotten high quality carpet and a thick pad. Instead we got carpet that didn't hold up one year and a very thin pad.

They also put the carpet in wrong. It is supposed to be folded over by tile, but it was just cut to the edge and nailed down.

We only went with them because we needed carpet in a hurry. Other places provide better carpet and pad for the same money at a fast turn-around. Now I am paying double to replace it. Do NOT use Empire Carpets!!

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Madoff was another good jewish business man, no ethics, never will be.




seems to me this company response guy is currently some store manager and is going around trying to fix his company's mistakes over the internet. what a joke! some of these people dont wanna deal with u nomore!

Hey its ok this has happended to 70% of the people who call empire today I know trust me :). Dont bother calling that 1800 number or trying to take legal action they will just pay your lawyers off lol! Steer Clear everyone who reads this!