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I’ve reviewed your post and would like the opportunity to have a member of our Customer Service Management Team review your file so we can follow back with our Local Sales Team and the respective Sales Representative. However, based on your post, I’m not able to pull your contact information. If possible, would you be able to contact Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager at or call 888-588-2315 x4195. She will be able to gather the information so we can further review. Our Sales Representatives during the appointment will measure the area and provide a fully installed price. Our goal is to find the right products to meet our customer’s needs and budgets. We also offer a low price guarantee if certain conditions are met. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us so we take all concerns seriously and would like the opportunity to discuss your concerns. After we have an opportunity to review the information with you, we can then follow back with the local market. - Marlo M. Michalek, Vice President of Marketing Communications.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Last night we had a lady from empire carpets over the house to measure and give us an estimate. I have several complaints.

First, I asked her why in this day and age she would use a tape measure instead of a laser tool to measure. She claimed tape measures are more acccurate. yeah, maybe in a house of mirrors! Well... when I held the tape measure for her against the wall in one of my cluttered rooms and watched the tape measure sag greatly in the middle while she wrote down numbers I understood. She's overmeasuring!!!! I objected and she re-measured. After that she went out and got samples from the car for me and the wife to look at while she had roamed the house free of my scrutinization. I knew right then it wasn't going to turn out well.

So, we're looking at the samples and are not impressed. Of the syle we selected we were given only 12 that were of any decent quality to select from. They all had the same ugly speckles in them. There was only one that we even kind of liked so we told her we were interested in that one. We were told the selection is limited because they only warehouse the most popular styles and that's why their prices are so low.

Speaking of not so low prices... let's get to the estimate. So after playing with her calculator for about 5 minutes she starts writing down numbers. She starts off around 13k (this is for 150 sq yds of carpet). She adds various discounts. One of the discounts is $850 for fast installation. In other words, if we sign a deal right then and there, otherwise we lose it. Yeah right.. what a lame high pressure sales tactic. If I call back tomorrow in this economy they won't give me that price? Give me a break!

The final price is 7k. I"ve gotten estimates 2k lower for much nicer carpet. I ask her for a breakdown. I'm told they don't do that. That's how other carpet companies rip you off I'm told. They just give you a bottom line that includes everything. Here's the best part.... She told me she can't break it down because they're just given "functions" that they plug numbers in to and get a final price. In the same breath she tells me she factored in the fact that I ripped up the carpets already. How's that possible if their just given "functions"?

Listen people... if a company can't tell you what they're charging you for then they are scamming you. The bottom line on empire is that they have a terrible selection, are grossly overpriced, and shady.

Oh, and the best part was she couldn't tell us whether our credit would be approved until AFTER we ordered the carpets.. which we would have to put a deposit down for. LOL. *** off empire!

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #182673

Laser measuring tapes hit objects that you have in your room. They are not accurate in measuring a room full of stuff.

I perfer a person to use a regular tape measure when doing my home. I understand that they also have to measure to the door moulding so that they have enough materials. Most floors have waste and carpet is one of them, more so than hardwood or tile because you have to purchase the whole width. I had a great experience with Empire and would use them again and again.

Better than waiting the four weeks I had to wait when I purchased from Lowes. I also had to pay up front with Lowes.

Empire I paid when them came to install and the guys were great. They did a beautiful job on my steps.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #182669

Most companies can not run your credit without a contract signed. It's against the law in most states.


Wow - am I glad I read up on these guys..

as a result I WILL NOT BE CALLING THEM for our new flooring! Yipes! Thank you

for warning the public!


thats great u did not go with them,but u sound like a real *** anyway,with your tape measure thing who cares what they use(this day and age laser)


As a bricks and mortor flooring retailer I can tell you I am constantly following behind empire employees, i have interviewed them and i know their ins and outs. No sour grapes, I am just telling the truth when I tell you they have almost no training in flooring, they consistently over estimate by up to 20% and throw prices against the wall to see if the consumer is willing to *** then they discount after talking to thier "manager". If they still don't close you their manageer will ask to speak directly to the consumer because "my salesman is not doing his job" correctly.


Defending the Profession:

"Certified Flooring Consultant/Estimator". Did you have a 4 hour training class to earn that title? You're a salesman. I'm sure your training consisted of 90% high pressure sales tactics and 10% learning your product.

Did you not read my update down bottom bud? She overmeasured us by 16 sq. yards. Any dumb dumb could have seen that with the tape measure sagging to floor while she was over-measuring. You can use whatever tool you're comfortable with but people need to keep in mind the tape measure is giving you an opportunity to put the screws on them that a laser measuring device does not.

How dare you lecture a customer about what condition their house should be in while they remodel it! When a person decides to paint every room in their house, rip up their carpets and do a major remodelling it's going to be a mess. If you don't want to deal with it maybe you should stick to new construction. What a *** you are.

Hey, It's a year later and my house looks great now. $4500 instead of $7k for a much higher quality product and fantastic installation.

Stay AWAY from these theives!


I am getting a quote for carpet soon from Empire, and I am now a little scared about some of the things that I have read. Although I am just getting quotes this has helped me to be aware that if something sounds to good it probaly is a scam.

Even though every company that I have looked at online has had disatisfied customers, sometimes you just have to take a chance! Remember only two things in life are guaranteed Death and Taxes.


After reading all these comments,I decided not to deal with this company.I ended up getting 3 quotes from reputable companies.The one I was most impressed with was LOWES HOME IMPROVEMENT.The selection was huge,the customer service was excellent and the price was the BEST.They did charge me $35.00 to come out and measure but that was credited towards my sale.It was well worth the $35.00 even if I had not purchased, simply because the very nice man that came out explained where my seams were going to be,exactly what to expect the day of installation and what I needed to do to get prepared.There were no problems with me asking the amount of carpet that I needed or a breakdown of the cost.They did not try to hide anything. They were very honest as well as professional.I am very happy with my new carpet and plan to use them for new hardwoods as well....YOU ALL SHOULD GIVE THEM A CALL IF THERE IS ONE IN YOUR AREA I THINK YOU WILL BE PLEASANTLY SUPRISED.Good luck to all...


Just one comment related to your complaint.I am a certified flooring consultant/estimator(not for this company)But,when you mentioned that she used a tape measure instead of a laser,Ijust wanted to let you know that alot of us out here still do!I have always felt more comfortable with them!!!And really, in her defense,your room should not have been so cluttered that she could not get the tape from one side of the room to the other.I won't comment on the pricing issues because that does sound like a problem....Sometimes, customers (because they go to carpet to think they know more than they actually do.


You were very smart to do what you decided to do, not go with them. I on the other hand , got screwed, if you read my *** off article.

I am so discussed with them and some B tells me that I am ***.

I think alot of people get sucked into the moment. I am glad to heard you were the wiser.


I had a very similiar experience with Empire and I am still fighing them for an itemized bill. Heed our warnings and stay away from them.

Kelkheim (Taunus), Hesse, Germany #51847


Oh yeah.. I forgot to mention.

The other company measured my home 16 sq. yards less than these theives. I knew she was overmeasuring...

that's padding the bill almost $1000 people. I would advise anyone thinking about buying carpets to visit so you can educate yourself like I did so you don't get ripped off!

Kelkheim (Taunus), Hesse, Germany #51846


Someone called me back 2 days later about 2 hours after I signed a deal with a reputable local company for better quality carpet $2500 cheaper. I told them how unhappy I was with the whole experience and he immediately said he'd match the other company's price.

So, if you do decide to use these people make sure you reject their first overpriced offer.

If you have any sense you'd realize that these people are theives and their product is ***. STAY AWAY!