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It’s disappointing to hear about the inconvenience of your missed sales appointment. We’d like to discuss this issue with you and hope that you’ll reconsider using us for your home improvement needs. We have attempted to contact you via email to resolve your concerns. Please call us at 888-588-2315 x4195 or email, and we’ll follow back with you. Thank you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
New York, New York

We scheduled an appointment for the much advertised "free in-home estimate" by Empire Carpet and were given an appt the very next day for between 4 and 6pm. Empire Carpet was supposed to call us just before arriving.

Well, they never showed...and they never called either. My wife was pissed she wasted the time waiting around for them. When we called Empire Carpet again to inquire what happened, they promised to investigate and call us back. Guess what...they never did.

Somehow I am not surprised. All they wanted to do was book another appt, which we had no confidence would ever happen.

This is a very poorly run operation. Heads up.

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