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I apologize your experience with your appointment did not meet your expectations. It is Empire’s goal to make home improvements as convenient as possible for our customers. If there are any issues that arise, we will work with the customer on identifying the concern and assisting in providing a resolution. We do offer Vinyl Flooring in select markets and our sales representative’s work with each customer to understand their needs and ensure they are provided the right products at the right price. If you would like more information, we are here to answer any questions you may have about our products. Please feel free to email us at or call 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Seattle, Washington

I had empire carpet come to my home for a free in home estimate. It was a total waste of time!

My home is 1949 sf and they were going to charge me nearly $14,000 for flooring then later lowered the price to almost $10,000. Empire also doesn't carry any vinyl for bathrooms or kitchens. I went to a local flooring contractor and he is able to put flooring in my home for $5200 with the same quality materials with a better carpet pad.

Empire is a rip off! Don't waste your time unless you need carpet the next day and want to pay double!

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Estimate.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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