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Erin, I apologize for the problems you have experienced with your carpet purchase. All of our carpet products come with manufacturer product and installation warranties. Although some time has elapsed, if there is anything we can do to reach a resolution with you - we are happy to help. Feel free to email me at or call 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Monroe, Michigan

I recently (by recently I mean 6 monthes ago) purchased empire carpet at the price of 3500 (rounding) because I wanted the highest traffic level and highest quality....turns out that "quality" is ***!

The carpet ( apparently a level 4 traffic) is extremely matted and dull and snagging and coming up aeverywhere and I could just go on and on!!

I tried to contact empire about it they offered to send one of their carpet people out...yeah not happening since the word THEIR is implied.

Needless to say I have contacted a lawyer because they have made things so unapproachable!!!!

We will just have to see...

Monetary Loss: $3500.



Thanks for your comments.I was hust about to call to order the "buy one room, get 2 rooms free" offer.

I will go elsewhere.A very heartfelt thank you to all who wrote.


Folks I don't mean to sound negative but when you think about it's your fault for being so naive. What companny that you know spend hundreds of thousand of dollars in marketing and than you go on like a fool and expect them to give you anything for a true 60% off let alone for FREE! remember the old addage and DON"T FORGET IT "IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS!!!"


I had the same experience as JS, above.Single female, pushy salesman, price dropped everytime I said no.

He stated his lowerst price was only good for that day only. Lo and behold, a week later someone called from corp. and honored that price. Installation date confirmed friday night.

Sat morning "product on backorder". Why did they confirm the night before? Installer a mess. Never Never Never use them!

I complained to Customer Service, and their "supervisor" did nothing but argue with me and defend his company.Horrid customer service, ethics.


Opps - I see now that your format is ddmmyyyy - sorry for the misread.

Cancel the maintenance call!


Hey Pissed Consumer site people - your calendar/clock is off. You indicated that I posted 2/9/2010 at at 3:35 - it's really 9/2/2010 at 12:35 a.m. pacific time!!!

It's maintenance time.


I was about to call Empire for a full house quote, but after reading the comments I think I'll look elsewhere. Thanks to all who took the time to report their experiences.


Thanks, everybody, for taking the time to comment on you experiences with this company & it's extremely poor performance. I was about to call them for full house carpet replacement; glad I read this first.


I'm glad checked these comments before calling Empire. I'll find someone else.


Wow!So glad I looked here first.

I was ready to call Empire to do my house.Thanks to everyone for the heads up.


Wow, Thank's so much for the internet!!!!

Was looking for the Empire website & decided to read this page first. Thank all that posted their experience. Saved us money & trouble